Chosen Business – ASDA

ASDA is the chosen business for our recruitment and selection process. It is basically a superstore which is based all around the U. K and its parent company is Wal-Mart which is a American based company. ASDA provides very big range of products. E. g. vegetable, biscuits, electronics such as T. V. , music player, clothes, etc. ASDA provides home delivery. There are many jobs currently available at ASDA. There are jobs such as store manager which looks at managing a particular store. The chosen job role for our group was a ‘Pharmacy Assistant’. It is basically a role/job of just assisting the pharmacist serve and take orders.

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The job also includes keeping records, stocking shelves, answering telephone calls and taking inventory. Recruitment & Selection Process The recruitment and selection process ASDA current uses is as follows: Finding vacancies for ASDA can be done online via the ASDA website or the local job centre or by asking for a application form from one the ASDA stores. The application form can be gotten from the reception or customer service desk. It is best to ask for the application form on a weekday rather than weekend because ASDA stores normally tend to very busy so waiting times will be long.

After the application form is taken in for processing, it is the same process for everyone; because it allows us to see some of the person’s basic skills and that the person meets the basic criteria skills and it the person meets the basic set criteria than the candidate is invited to a group selection event which is quite enjoyable because you get to meet new people. This process is called ‘ASDA Magic’, and it takes around two hours to complete, the main purpose of this process is to help the candidates find out more about ASDA and also allows ASDA to find out more information about the candidate.

The event also allows or gives the candidates the opportunity to have a go at the job and find out what the job is like. It can let the candidate decide whether they will be able to carry out the job. If a applicant passes this stage and selected for the job than he is simply sent a letter to let him/her know about the job and the first day of the job includes induction as well along with a booklet about the process. If a candidate is applying for a more high level job such as a management or a head office job, than the process if slightly different.

Because you will need to apply online through ASDA’s website, application form is to be filled in online but also test is to be done. Depending on the job applied for the test can vary from verbal, numerical or personality tests. This test allows ASDA to gather information which allows them to understand whether the job is right him/her or he/she is right person for ASDA. To complete the process above takes around 35 minutes or more. It is to be made sure of that the test and application form is to be done best of ability.

If a candidate successfully passes the stage above than depending on job applied for, the candidate might be asked to come in for a interview or invite them for a group assessment centre. The group assessment centre is basically where the candidate is asked to take part in couple of exercises which allow the candidate to show his/her strengths and also allow ASDA to identify opportunities for the candidate. In specific detail ASDA normally does not look for the perfect candidate, which in fact is never true but for people who are self aware, have the right attitude toward the job and also help make a difference to the business.

Finally the recruitment for pharmacy and optical professional is again a different process. The application process the job is similar to the process mentioned above, but instead of test you will be asked to upload your CV. If a candidate is successful than the next step is simply calling the candidate in for an interview with either the general store manager or a pharmacy or optical professional. When a candidate is successful and has achieved the job than he or she will be told about the induction process.

They will be told about ASDA’s aims and objectives, so that they know how their job role fits in and what they can do in order to help ASDA and also do their job properly. The induction process would include basic training about the job which will allow the candidate to complete their job. The induction process will also allow the supervisor to identify any immediate training needs for the candidate. The tailored training that ASDA provides is as follows: Colleague to manager training New retail managers New distribution managers

ASDA House colleagues For more complex job or higher level job such management the tailored training mentioned above is used. This training lasts for three months because these jobs are a lot harder and involve a lot more responsibilities and duties. The training process takes place at ASDA as well as offsite training centers. The process involves the new employee being supervised for the three months and being told of every aspect of their job. They are also told of “What If” aspect. This means that what if something happens, what they should do, etc.