Classical Economics: Notes

Government policies Based on Classical Economics * In France, the July monarchy built major capital intense projects to solve poverty. * In Germany, states termed Silvering * Free trading union * Done little * In Britain Jeremy Bantam’s utilitarianism approach was adopted in Justify the poor law and to repel the cirri laws. Early Socialism * The early socialist generally applauded the new productive capacity of industrialism. Utopian Socialism * Utopian socialist advocated creation of ideal community * Opposed existing fatalist framework * Yet practiced radical ideas about sexuality and the family.

Saint-Simonizes * Count saint-Simon * French aristocrat and earliest of socialist pioneers. * Advocated technocracy and governmental authority over one’s activities. Unionism * In Britain, Menisci advocating Locker’s… * Environmentalist, psychology and seeing humane industrial environment and profit compatible. * Started successful community of factories in new Lankan * Then went to U. S creating the community of New Harmony, and finally returned to Britain in support for the Grand National Union.

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Offertories * In France, Charles fouler a commercial salesperson * Who failed to meet a patron * Advocated agrarian communities with Louis Blanch in his The Organization of Labor (1839) * Called for a state controlled by a working -class electorate. Anarchism * Rejected both industry and dominance of government, anarchists * Included Augusta palanquin * Spokes person tort terror * Attempted to develop professional revolutionaries against capitalist society Pierre Joseph Prudhoe who wrote What is property (1840) * Attacking banking system and advocating a society based on mutuality.