Cloud Computing Industry Analysis

Windows not only made major strides with the automation and management of its own network infrastructure, but upped the ante by making its virtual machines network-context aware. The VIM itself is aware of its environment and will implement its networking requirements based on the environment it find itself in. Windows addressed the ultimate in VIM portability. Apart from legacy license hugging, there simply is no reason to continue to pay for licensing from both Microsoft and Ovenware into the future. On the otherwise, Red Hat has given it REV platform a major upgrade in the latest 3. Release and threatens to reacquire any lost VIM running Linux and move forward one of Just a few platforms ideal for running Linux hypocrisies and virtual machines. The inclusion of Open vivisect support in KAVA, Libretti, Penumbral, Circuit Oxen etc. Continues to move Linux towards a totally flexible network abstraction. Ovenware seems to be between a rock and a hard-place with Reheat eroding its chances of obtaining a credible SO as part of its stack. It should be mentioned here that significant sponsorship of Open vivisect becomes extremely elevate to the following points.

Opencast has been feverishly working on their version of the fully flexible networking fabric called Quantum. For years, open-source cloud implementations, Hexagram included, relied on automation of the Linux bridge code to achieve some semblance of multi-tenancy in the cloud network. From an isolation perspective it meets all criteria. It fails in scalability. For starters, the 4096 PLAN limitation becomes an issue. Due to limitation in the Linux network implementation, Q-in-Q technology is not supported by default and kernel patches in reduction systems create unease for enterprise customers.

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Finally, there is no port isolation on the switch, so it essentially becomes a single stroking collision domain. Openly is the answer. Open vivisect is the implementation. Quantum is the management API to make it useful. Essentially, with this single purchase, Ovenware was able to get to near-parity with the new Hyper-V offering and due to Niacin’s not- insignificant contribution to the Open vivisect project, make a strong strategic play against the Linux/Opencast community.

Of course, Ovenware maintains the posture that nothing will change in the pounces community specific to the Open vivisect project, but everyone knows that the mere threat creates uncertainty. Oracle wrote the book on using ambiguous language and painfully slow updates to De-stabilize open-source projects (Myself, SF, Penologist). It will fork eventually, but that process is never easy unless a major executive sponsor picks up the pieces. More likely is that the project splinters and uncertainty will affect its productivity in the

Cloud Computing Industry Analysis By Villainously in the status-quo creates a huge, but temporary, advantage for Ovenware. On its surface, $1. 26 billion dollars ridiculously overvalues Nicosia on a strict dollar per-asset basis. Under the covers, the strategic importance can’t be understated. No, this move will not save Ovenware from the assault by Microsoft, but a massive diversion was successfully delivered across the open-souse/Linux front. Ovenware now has time to reconsider its strategic position and fortify it position for coming war.