Cloud Services for Hotel Industry

Keywords: cloud computing, Quality of Service, hotel industry Abstract. This research focuses on the major issues that weigh upon a hotel company’s decision to implement cloud computing. In this study there was a random selection done for 15 hotels (5 hotels five stars chains, 5 franchised hotels 3 and 4 stars and 5 local hotels). The aim of this paper revolves to (l) Study and analyze the major issues have an impact on hotel company’s decision to move to cloud computing. II) Test the current infinite and implementing cloud computing in the hotel industry. (Ill) Test the positive and negative issues in adopting cloud computing. In additions, this type of technology is so new for the Middle East specifically in Saudi Arabia and ICC (Gulf Cooperative Countries), where the hotel industry is growing so fast and it is required a new technology to go along with it.

The results showed that excluding the hotel chain which use clouding partially, the other 10 hotel of the sample either franchise r local do not implement this technology due to not having knowledge or they are not sure of the cost because of changing from system to another. Introduction The cloud is a highly adaptive IT infrastructure that can be shared by many different end users, each of whom might use it in very different ways. Computing resources can be dynamically and instantaneously distributed by the cloud provider as more users Join the system [1].

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Cloud providers utilize a cloud infrastructure that is legible, and which uses a highly efficient economy of scale approach in order to expand computer resources. Cloud computing can dramatically lower the time and cost of entry to business for smaller firms trying to benefit from computer-intensive business applications that were originally available only to very large corporations. Cloud computing offers an adaptable and dynamic provisioning of computer resources . Cloud Services for Hotel Industry By amasses