Collaboration Modeling Among University, Business

Higher Education (HE) is one of the pillars in nation-building that could become to be an accelerator in reaching goals ideals of this movement. As agents of change, university could be contributed In terms of building a community of entrepreneurs on campus. Acculturation of entrepreneurship can be done by working together through collaboration with business and Industry. The collaboration is done through a memorandum of understanding (MOM) or memorandum of agreement (MOA) must be pursued for effective and efficient.

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For that there must be efforts to scientifically study (a model of collaboration). In determining the co-operation carried out this must refer to the strengths of each Institution (HE, business and Industry) to cover the weakness, which usually Is associated with the theory and practice, also refers to the opportunities and challenges they have. Another important thing through this collaboration is expected synergy among HE, business and industry strategic planning. For this reason, it is necessary to build model of collaboration. ND industry as well as efficiency and effectiveness of use of resources of each institution in creating a community of entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial culture (entrepreneurial). Entrepreneurial culture in the context of this study is the spirit, attitude, behavior, and the person’s ability to handle the business or activity that leads to the search for, create, and implement a way of work, technology, and new reduces by improving efficiency in order to provide better service or obtain greater benefits.

Entrepreneurs in the context of this study is an advancement fighters who dedicate themselves to the public in the form of dedication and determination of its own to help meet the growing needs of the community, expand employment, participate, and make an effort to ended dependence on foreign country. Model of collaboration in this study has been built using the approach theory of Brimley Policy Hierarchy. SOOT analysis is used for the evaluation of the resources, threatens and weaknesses; opportunities and threats.

To test and to find root cause is used fish bone analysis. The result of the study is a collaboration model of the HE, business and industry. Model that has been constructed is expected to be a reference tool in helping the Indonesian government to accelerate efforts to build entrepreneurial in Indonesia. It is expected that the outputs and outcomes of the model could deliver the achievement of 2% of the population to be entrepreneurs. Key words: collaboration, modeling, entrepreneurial, effectiveness, efficiency.