Company Description

This five-year marketing plan for Green Field Herbal Tea, Inc which base on the present performance to achieve the goal which gain more net profit and expand the markets to not only two provinces in the Southern part of China, but also the north Part of China. The various analysis will shown in the below of the marketing plan in order to gain profit and expansion for the Green Field Herbal tea, Inc. Green Field Herbal Tea, Inc. is a Chinese based large professional beverage production and sales enterprise.

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The Green Field Herbal Tea cooked with certain Chinese herbals it is famous for smooth digestion and avoids inflammatory or other lesions. Among the various herbal drinks in China, Green Field Herbal Tea has been the most famous brand inasmuch as it had its beginnings from Qin Dynasty and lasted for more than 180 years in China. The Green Field Herbal Tea only sold in Guangdong and Guangxi these two provinces in the south part of China. To the Company’s knowledge, Green Field Herbal Tea is only premium- quality sold in those two provinces.

As the company grow larger and larger, more and more people knows the important of Chinese herbals, the company believes the Green field Herbal Tea can be extend to other provinces such as north part of China. Green Field Herbal Tea believes its high-quality, high-price strategy has proven successful. This marketing plan outlines how the Company will extend its geographic coverage from 2 provinces to 10 provinces by 2016. This section covers three aspect of corporate strategy that influence the marketing plan: (1) the mission, (2) goals, and (3) core competence/ sustainable competitive advantage of Green Field Herbal Tea, Inc.

Young people are not as aware as the older generation toward the health problem through herbal drink; they often purchase soda like Cola. Industry Analysis As a manufacturing in the beverage industry, the Green Field Herbal Tea is being product in an industry worth over RMB 1080 million. The manufacturer maintained it annual sale around RMB 100 million for years. Competitors Analysis Currently, Green Field Herbal Tea Inc. product competes in the soft drink beverage segment of the Northern part of China. The major competitors are those soft drink companies such as Coca-cola and Pepsi. Company Analysis

Green Field Herbal Tea has a great benefit to body health and for smooth digestion and avoids inflammatory or other lesions that no others soft drink can offer. Customer Analysis In terms of customer analysis, this section describes (1) the characteristic of customer expected to buy Green Field Herbal Tea and (2) health and herbal concern of Chinese today. Customer Characteristic. Demographically, Herbal teas in general are purchase in the south part of China. Green Field Herbal Tea is purchased chiefly be consumers who are old and knows about Chinese herbal. Health and Herbal concern.

More and more professional states about the knowledge about Chinese herbal which are safe ways to make body healthier, furthermore, more and more people are concern about health issue today in China. 5. Product- Market Focus This section describes the five-year marketing and product objectives for Green Field Herbal Tea and target market, point of different and positioning of its line of Green Field Herbal Tea. Marketing and Product Objectives Green Field Herbal Tea’s marketing intent is to take full advantage of its brand potential while building a base from which other revenue source can be mind.

Target Market Green Field Herbal Tea has identified its target market as students, workers and old people in north parts of China. Customer Value Proposition Green Field Herbal Tea offer Chinese people not only for the sick people but also the people who care about body health, wants to maintain body health. Point of Difference The point of difference which the characteristic that make Green Field Herbal tea not only sale in southern part of China, but also the Northern part of China and sells to the people who are need it.

6. Marketing Program The four marketing mix elements of the Green Field marketing program are detailed below. Product Strategy Unique Product Quality. The flavoring systems of the Green Field Herbal Tea are proprietary. The products are due to extra care for human bodies’ healthiness. Chinese Herbals are used and selecting high quality Chinese herbal to produce the herbal tea. Packaging. To package the product which using the attractive color to attract consumers.