Comparing two adverts for hair products

I intend to discuss the persuasive techniques found in these two adverts. One is an advert for ‘l’Ori?? al out of bed putty’ whilst the other is advertising ‘Brylcreem Reshaper Gum’. They are both advertising hair products. I got these two adverts from a man’s magazine. The l’Ori?? al advert is a 1 page advert although the Brylcreem advert is a 2 page advert. The l’Ori?? al advert features a man with big black messed up hair with a tub of the product next to his face. The man takes up most of the page. The background is light blue that gets slightly darker towards the sides.

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In the foreground is the slogan, the logo and information about the product. The man is pouting a little and is looking out onto the reader. The putty is to the right of is head with the logo and slogan under that and the website right at the bottom. This advert persuades you to buy the product as the man looks cool and his hair look very good. The Brylcreem advert has got two plasticine people, a man and a woman. There are various pictures with the characters in. The fourteen pictures take up most of the two pages.

There is a light blue background. This is the same colour as the l’Ori?? al advert and is very relaxing. In the top left hand corner is the logo and another picture, and in the bottom right hand corner is the logo and slogan plus a picture of the product. This advert persuades you buy the product as the ad is funny and it can be re-shaped. On the l’Ori?? al ad the white logo ‘l’Ori?? al Paris’ is stretched across the top. This logo also appears at the bottom. Underneath the putty pot it says ‘studio’ with the three square logo next to it.

Underneath this it says ‘out of bed’ with a little diagram of a cartoon man with messy hair under this. Next to this is a little bit of text explaining about the product and about it being ‘no. 1 styling putty in the UK. ‘ The picture and the logo at the top are the main thing you see when you glance at the advert. The picture of the product is the same colour as the background so it does detract you from the picture and logo. The ‘out of bed’ looks good on this man. The way it is explained suggests that it will look as good as the picture and it’s the best in the UK.

On the Brylcreem ad there is a small logo at the top left hand corner underneath this is a picture of the two characters in a love heart saying ‘Barnet Sutra,’ this is a play on words of ‘Karma Sutra. ‘ The passage underneath says ‘Love secrets of the Exotic East (Midlands). ‘ On the bottom right handed corner is the logo, a picture of the product, the slogan and information of where you can get it from. The logos and the slogan are very small and are jammed into opposite corners. The slogan is ‘hold you can remould,’ this implies that it will hold into place but you can remould it whenever you want.

All the different pictures are of different positions that the characters have got into. Three of these pictures are of the man re-shaping his hair in a mirror or in a disco ball. This advert is not just an ad you can glance at, you need to take time to read and look at it. The slogan is ‘hold you can remould’ this states that it is still strong and will hold your hair, but if it gets messy you can always remould it. The background colour for both adverts is light blue. Light blue is a relaxing colour; it gives inner security and confidence.

Blue symbolises the sky, the sea, wide open spaces. The two adverts are quite different. One can look at the l’Ori?? al advert for a few seconds and know exactly about it as there is just a man with spiky hair, although the Brylcreem advert takes time to look at and read. The l’Ori?? al advert is quite serious and the Brylcreem is humorous. The two adverts are very persuasive although I would say the l’Ori?? al advert makes you want to buy it more as the man on it looks very stylish and boys would not mind looking like that.

The Brylcreem ad is not as persuasive and makes you laugh but it does not emphasis the product. Both adverts are good to look at as the colours are very soothing. On both of the adverts there are not very many words. On the l’Ori?? al advert it says ‘lasting messed up effect, no. 1 styling putty in the UK. ‘ The word ‘lasting’ gives the impression that it lasts all day and it will never go out of shape. This is an opinion stated as a fact to mislead the audience. Another opinion stated as a fact is ‘no. 1 styling putty in the UK.

‘ This is saying that if we done a survey that the majority would chose this. This cannot be proven. On the Brylcreem advert most of the picture captions are play on words for Karma Sutra positions. Even the title ‘Barnet Sutra’ is a play on words. The slogan uses ‘you’ to entice the reader. Underneath the slogan it says you can buy it in ‘boots, superdrug and other selected retailers,’ this implies that they don’t just sell their product to any shop but they select them themselves. The target audience for both the adverts are young men in the ages of 13 to 25.

The men in both adverts are around the age of 20. The l’Ori?? al advert is marketed towards middle class males that look after their appearance. I can tell this as the man in the picture is very smart and is wearing a suit with a tee-shirt underneath. The Brylcreem advert is advertised towards males in the middle of working class and middle class that also want to look good. This is shown as the man in the advert is wearing jeans and a tee-shirt and in one of the picture he is eating Chinese sitting on the floor with half of it dangling out of his mouth.