Comparing two adverts

Compare the way advertisers appeal to target audiences in two print media adverts In this essay I will be comparing two advertisements the first advert is advertising nail varnish by Rimmel London while the second advert is advertising milk. I will be showing you the differences & how the advertisers advertised the adverts to there best & were they could have improved. In the first advert I think they advertisers are aiming at young women/girls who enjoy partying or clubbing. The colours they use for the nail varnish on the foot & hand are quite vibrant, what makes me think it’s for young women who like to party or go clubbing.

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Also the foot ; hand is placed on this bright glitzy pink bag/purse. The way they have done this is a very good way instead of showing the whole model. The model has nice pedicure feet there isn’t a corn in sight it’s a perfect foot. This is done to make people want to buy the product, so the product seems to make your feet look really attractive. If you was just looking at the advertisement you wouldn’t realise that the feet had a pedicure, you would just thinking the nail varnish makes your feet look really nice.

This is also the same with the nails because it seems that the nails had been manicured. The slogan is “Shine and Go”. This is in left hand corner and stands out, so as soon as you look at it, you know it is advertising quick dry nail varnish. The product is in the corner with two nail varnishes behind it. On the lid it says 60 sec in a circle with a quarter of it shady in to make it look like a stopwatch/clock. The second advertisement is about milk, the advertisers do this in a very interesting way.

They don’t just show us a carton of milk ; tell us to drink milk because its good for your hair or teeth but decide to do something that will draw you in. Instead they have a young woman with nice straight brown hair ; perfect teeth showering with milk. There is a side shot of her but her head is facing the camera. She is smiling with a big smile to see her perfect white teeth. She seems to be wearing no clothes but you cannot see her legs so you can’t really tell. I think they have done this to make the advert funny because I think humour is going to draw in more than saying it so seriously.

Even for somebody like me who hates milk & just thinking of it makes me feel sick, feels but in someway the advert makes me want to drink milk, after reading the advert. The slogan is fantastic as well, they use the maybelline slogan, “Maybe she is born with it. Maybe, she probably got it from the fridge”. I don’t think there are any flaws with this advert, the writing is not too much, its funny, ; it will make a lot of young girls/women want to look after their hair, teeth ; skin eat and drink healthily. I know the adverts seem very different but they are quite a few similarities.

The adverts are both aimed at young women and girls. The adverts are both advertising how you can improve yourself. Both adverts don’t show the whole models body there both use this to there advantage. Also both companies put there company name at the bottom of the page. They use both similar colours as the main background (pink). There are also many differences as well. Such as; the first advert is actually advertising a product from a company while the other advert is advertising milk not a specific product but how milk is healthy.

The products are different & the milk advert has more writing. To conclude I think the advertisers have done very well on both adverts. Although I still think the first one could do with some improvements such as; the white bits should be a different colour to match more with the nail varnish, telling you the price & so on. The second advert well I think it is perfect in every way & also is my favourite advert out of the both of them.