Comparing Two Car Adverts

In this essay I am going to compare two different car adverts taken from two different types of magazines, these magazines are Auto Express which is a weekly magazine which gives reviews on new models of cars that are going to be released soon, the other magazine is the supplement that comes free with the Independent on Saturday, this magazine has general information but also contains some car adverts. The two adverts that I am going to compare is the new range of Honda Civic Type-R and the Volkswagen Polo Match.

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The Volkswagen is a well-respected German car manufacturing company; The Volkswagen was created on the orders of the Nazi regime as a small, cheap car with a rear engine. It was designed in 1934 by the Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche and his son, also called Ferdinand. At first it was called the KdF-wagen, from the Nazi slogan Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy), but it has become famous as the Volkswagen Beetle. However there was few ever built under the Nazis.

The company has now taken over many other companies like Audi, which is another German company, Skoda that is made in the Czech republic and the Spanish company Seat. From its foundation in 1948, Honda has grown into a global organisation employing over 112,400 associates, with motorcycles and still produces the prolific vehicle on the planet, the four-stroke 50cc Cub C100 moped. Introduced in 1958 and advertised with the slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” nearly 30 million have been sold, outnumbering the VW Beetle and the Model T Ford.

Honda is the world’s biggest manufacturer of engines – incorporated into a diverse range of products including motorcycles, cars, generated, lawn mowers, agriculture machinery and boats. Their engines are at the centre of small power tools to experimental aircraft turbo-fans and they are sold across the globe. Honda’s history spans the half lifetime of the global motor industry. All adverts that are produced have to be within the adverting standards that have been set in Great Britain, this is to stop offensive material being seen in public places, this is also done for television programmes and films that can be seen by anyone in the public.

Britain is not the only country to have these America and Canada also have advertising standards, they are also not the same in each of the countries because they all differ slightly. The settings for the Volkswagen Polo advert is set in the winter cartoon, with the snowman from the cartoon The Snowman, which is driving the car with one passenger which is the child from the cartoon as well, this advert is based with the classic cartoon in mind which attracts the people who used to watch the cartoon when they were younger. The background of the advert is also using the same cartoon as in the main part of the advert.

The advert is divided up into two pictures, the top picture out of the two has the snowman sitting driving the car along the road with the boy in the front passenger seat, all happy driving along, and the slogan for this part of the advert is “Air-conditioning keeps you cool”. The bottom of the two pictures shows the boy sitting in the front of the car, in shock because the snowman has disappeared, this is because the air-conditioning has been turned up or at least it is implying it has been turned, this can be proved by the slogan of the second of the two pictures which is “It also warms you up”.