Comparison Of Both Businesses

Taking a closer look at Harris Academy Paycheck and Tech’s business strategies it is noticeable that both are different businesses and fall under entirely deferent business sectors. Harris Academy Paycheck falling under the public sector whilst Tests falls under the private sector. Both businesses have a deferent concentration. HAP provides more of a service rather than a product and only alms their services at children. Whereas Tests alms their goods and services to Just about everyone.

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A ajar difference between both businesses Is the methods they use to advertise their business. Both businesses have different but salary ways of advertising. Seeing as HAP’s funds are lower than Tests, and also the fact that they are a public business they have to Improvise and use advertising methods Like Banners and leaflets. Tests being a private business they can afford many other methods to advertise their business such as television advertisements. Tests was established mainly to make profit whereas Harris Academy Paycheck is a non profit charity organization.