Comparison of the Development of Female Protagonists

Tabby Nanas Compare and contrast the development of the female protagonists in Flight and superman and Paula Brown’s new suit Both females in the two stories Flight and Superman develop as we read on. They develop in many ways, physically and mentally for example the following: both females are presented innocent at the start but they become more mature at the end; both females have a heroic character in their life but realize that the heroes don’t mean everything to them, both females have a fantasy world of their own that they like to live in but soon they realize that he real world is not like their fantasy world.

At the end the both females have opposite feelings for their loved ones. This is shown through the character’s feelings, symbols and the structure of the story. In Flight, the granddaughter and in Superman the narrator are both presented innocent at the start. In Flight it says “swinging on the gate” the granddaughter’s actions show that she is carefree and the word “swinging” shows that she is still young. Similarly, in Superman the narrator says ” I was in fifth grade” this sentence gives the reader a feeling that she is naive ND young.

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By the end of the story the granddaughter has a moment of realization which takes her innocence away. In the last sentence, it says “tears run shivering of her face” this gives us a different view of the granddaughter in which she is mature and grown. Equivalently, in Superman it says “silver airplanes and the all the blue capes all dissolved and vanishes” her innocence which is represented by the words “silver airplanes” and “blue capes” all “dissolved and vanishes” provokes an idea of her growing up.

Overall, both females characters in Flight and Superman develop age sis in the stories. Both females have a heroic character in their lives. In Flight, the granddaughter sees her boyfriend as her hero and in Superman the narrator sees her uncle as her hero. In Flight, it says “The couple were now sauntering among the bushes, laughing”, the word “laughing” generates a feeling that the granddaughter is happy with her hero unlike in superman, the narrator doesn’t feel happy with her hero “the door shut behind him and I could hear his footsteps grow fainter”.

This shows that she feels betrayed by her hero, Uncle Frank. The word “fainter” shows the narrators feelings about her uncle. Just like her uncle’s footsteps grow fainter her trust in him grows fainter too which shows that her feelings towards her loved one develop by the end of the story unlike in Flight her feelings towards her loved one stays the same. In addition, both females characters have their own fantasy world that they like to live in mainly because it gives them comfort and it’s more ideal.

In Flight it says “she had forgotten him”, the “him” represents the real world and the ell world represents her grandfather and the word “forgotten” shows the reader that she isn’t connected with the real world anymore; she is living in her fantasy world as mentioned before with her “hero”. As well as the granddaughter, the narrator in Superman also NAS a tansy world Towards the beginning to the story she says “These nightly adventures began when Superman started invading my dreams”.

The words “adventures” and “superman” are things that the youngsters enjoy which shows that she really likes having her own world because people that he loves exist in her world for example her uncle who she compares to superman “looking remarkably like my Uncle Frank” but soon things change when they realize that real world is contrasting from their fantasy world.

In Flight it says “returning to the valley’ the word “returning” shows that the granddaughter is returning back to the real world, the world that she had “forgotten” about. Similarly, in Superman it says “that’s the year the war began and the real world” the words “real world” shows that she has realized that the world she lived in isn’t real. This shows that both females develop mentally after realizing the problems they have to face in the real world.

By the end of the stories, the two females have different feelings the people they love. In Flight, at the start of the story it says “she did not turn” this shows that she doesn’t care about her grandfather as much as she loves her boyfriend whereas at the end it says “returning to the valley’ this shows that she returns to her valley which is her home where her grandfather lives to show that she still loves her reinstated and that she feels sad about leaving him which is shown when it says “tears run shivering of her face”.

On the other hand, in Superman the narrator says “looking remarkably like my Uncle Frank” the fact that she compares her uncle to Superman shows how much she loves him because she thinks of him as her hero but things don’t stay the same by the end of the story when she says “this was the year the war began” the word “war” shows that a war has begun between her and her uncle after she realizes that even he doesn’t believe in her.

Overall both female characters develop their feelings about their loved ones but in different ways. The female protagonists in Flight and Superman and Paula Brown’s new snowsuit develop throughout the story. In particular, the development takes place at the moment of realization; when both female characters realize that now that they have grown up they need to face the harsh realities of life. By the end of the two stories, both female characters develop physically and mentally after going through different emotions.