Comparisons Between Two Adverts

I have chosen to compare two advertisements, a Mazda MX5 advert and a Vauxhall advert. I chose these because it was visible that the companies’ two marketing techniques were completely different. The Mazda advert begins with a small child elegantly dressed on what seems a motionless scorching motorway whispering the words zoom – zoom, and so begins the catchy tune “zoom, zoom, zoom,” images begin instantaneously.

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In the first scene you see a young boy playing with his racing toy car on the kitchen work top then, there is a quick scene change to a pre-school boy playing on his first tricycle in what looks like quite a rich suburban estate of houses the screen freezes and writing appears, “Remember that feeling,” there is another rapid screen change followed by a new child being pushed in his first toy car by whom we can only assume is his brother surrounding them is a further typically American style estate the screen freezes again with the text “When you first took control.

” Subsequently we see some other slightly older boys on bicycles and then back to a younger child being swung around by his father, visible in the background is magnificently crafted old English styled wooden house, after this there is yet another screen freeze accompanied with the words, “Had the freedom to go as you pleased,” then we observe a boy holding the toy Mazda and suddenly the camera zooms into the car excuse the pun and the car speeds past on what can only be described as some sort of desert motorway.

The car carries on wordlessly boasting its potential there is a sudden scene change incorporating a women driver so as not to eradicate all possibility of women buying the car. The final freeze frame is, “With Mazda this feeling comes as standard,” ending with the logo, email address on the closing frame and slogan, the very same words from the little boy at the beginning zoom – zoom. There are many positive aspects in this advert. It is very well presented marketing, this is visible through its almost annoyingly catchy tune relating to speed, “zoom, zoom, zoom,” that dwells in your head for hours upon end.

What constitutes a good advert is one, which does not give everything away at the very beginning. You must be kept in suspense waiting for the product it is trying to sell you. This advert amounts to roughly thirty seconds and the car is only really introduced halfway through. It plays upon the idea of ‘big boys toys,’ throughout the commercial most adults would be reminded of the sensation of when they were young and had there own little toys and felt the freedom to come and go as they pleased as fast as they pleased.

This is the truly outstanding element of the advertisement that it not only sells a car but a lifestyle to go with it. The freedom, the taking control, coming and going as you please comes as standard with the Mazda MX5 and you instantly conjure the image of how easy it was with your first bicycle, motorbike and car. What Mazda is essentially trying to do is provide rejuvenation through the Mazda MX5, which is a brilliant marketing concept. There is only one negative point that can be made about the Mazda advert and that is that there was very little information about the car itself.

The audience this advertisement is aimed at is not at all general, it implies that it is designed for the committed adult to feel free again. Therefore it is intended for people who need take “control. ” The Vauxhall advertisement is very different and begins white text on black, “Something to brighten up the dark British winter,” similarly to your average television a brightness gauge appears in the bottom left hand corner and begins to increase until you finally see the Vauxhall Zafira in full focus, also music begins to play.

The car is travelling through an urban road with trees visible alongside the pavement, information is immediately brought on screen, “Excludes Northern Ireland,” a voice over then announces that ‘Vauxhall is now offering 0% finance over 3 years on the Vauxhall Zafira’ which is also added as text to the screen as it is being said, “0% finance over 3 years. ” There is a screen change where you see the second and third car the Astra Club and XXI which are then quickly mention, ‘Astra Club and XXI. The Corsa, Club Comfort and XXI also come with one years free insurance. ‘ There then appears information about the insurance, “Insurance 21-80.

Offers subject to status/conditions. For written quotations contact Vauxhall Finance. Excludes Zafira GSI. ” Screen text changes to “0% finance and free insurance” again, you are finally told to ‘Brighten up your day by visiting your Vauxhall dealer… now. Concluding screen shows the logo, accompanied by the telephone number and website address. There were some positive aspects for example it was relatively fast moving it, showed the product and gave lots of informative details regarding the car and its price. This commercial also came to approximately thirty seconds.