Competitive Analysis of It Outsourcing Industry

After the dawn of IT Sector in Indian Business sector, many Indian cities marched towards becoming an IT hub of India as well as Asia. Indian IT sector can be classified in four sectors. Almost all multinational companies (Mans) increasingly locate not only low-level tasks but also research and development (R & D) centers or laboratories in India; many already have more than one research lab. However, the most advanced research continues to cluster in Bangor.

Generally, one finds an uneven distribution of the software industry locations which is clustered in the South Bangor, Hydrated and Achaean), West (Iambi and Pun), and around the capital New Delhi in the North. [4] Amongst these zones, Pun region has witnessed exponential growth of IT Industry. Almost all Mans operating in India have their facilities in Pun. Apart from that a big network of Seems is based at Pun. Pun is one of the major revenue generation centers for IT Services.

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Majority of IT companies in Pun are working for outsourcing domain. Outsourcing is done internationally as well as at domestic level catering to other cities. As the industry is growing rapidly, it is triggering a competition amongst arioso companies. This competition is mainly due to pricing strategies and service quality. B. Chi_2: Industry Profile-Industry Size, growth trends, major players and their market shares, gobo support and policies IT Industry in India has played a key role in putting India on the global map.

IT industry in India has been one of the most significant growth contributors for the Indian economy. The industry has played a significant role in transforming Indian’s image from a slow moving bureaucratic economy to a land of innovative entrepreneurs and a global player in providing world class technology solutions and equines services. The industry has helped India transform from a rural and agriculture-based economy to a knowledge based economy. Information Technology has made possible information access at gigabit speeds.

It has made tremendous impact on the lives of millions of people who are poor, marginalia and living in rural and far flung topographies. Internet has made revolutionary changes with possibilities of e-government measures like e-health, e-education, e-agriculture, etc. Today, whether its filing Income Tax returns or applying for passports online or railway e-ticketing, it Just need few clicks of the mouse. Indian’s IT potential is on a steady march towards global competitiveness, improving defense capabilities and meeting up energy and environmental challenges amongst others.