Construction Chemicals Market Global Industry Analysis

Construction chemicals also help provide pleasing appearance to a structure without compromising upon its overall quality. These chemicals are widely used in the construction of commercial, industrial, residential and other infrastructure projects. Thus, growth in the construction industry, especially in BRICKS countries, is estimated to boost the overall construction chemicals market in the next few years. Furthermore, environmental benefits coupled with increasing governmental initiatives are anticipated to boost demand for construction chemicals during the forecast period.

However, sluggish growth of the construction industry in developed regions along with low awareness in developing regions is likely to hamper market growth during the forecast period. Development of bio-based construction chemicals is estimated to open up new avenues for the construction chemicals market in the near future. Concrete admixture accounted for over 55% share of the global construction chemicals market in 2013. Asphalt additives are composite materials that are commonly used in surfacing of roads, parking lots and airports.

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Growing arbitration, especially in BRICKS countries, is projected to augment the overall growth of the asphalt additives market by 2020. Protective coatings primarily help in complying with stringent safety regulations that are prevalent especially in developed countries; hence, the market is expected to expand 2 at a moderate pace during the forecast period. Adhesives and sealants are primarily seed in the maintenance of old structures. Hence, demand for these products is dominant in developed countries. We are currently offering a flat 15% discount on all purchases until end of the March 201 5!