Consumer Behaviour Wine

The consumers have higher-order needs and aspirations. Have a common desire for pleasure, status and knowledge. Tend to be from the middle-aged, educated and high-income market segment. They are high-involvement consumers generally motivated by the pleasure they receive from the product rather than its purely functional utility. Overall needs are more hedonistic and self-gratifying rather than functional and utilitarian. 2.

Physiological needs: food, water and safety Psychological needs: aesthetic pleasure, status, expand their knowledge, desire for new experiences . Motivation theory to influence consumer behavior: Expanding on consumers’ cultural experience while consuming wine by giving significance to situational and environment factors. For example, Use of Cellar doors or tasting rooms, besides being a purpose-built facility for trialing and purchasing a product, it is also a starting point to an ongoing relationship with the wine brand and wine experience.

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Offering consumers a bundle of self gratifying products and experiences at the cellar door such as restaurants, detestation, accommodation, music experience IEEE international concerts. Such enriching experiences trigger the consumer’s desire to become more involved and engaged in the product category, thus feeding their hedonistic desires. I. E. , Meadowland Estate: wine enjoyed with good company, food, music, art and ambiance.

Strong affiliation with the arts sector evidence by regular art exhibitions, concerts, food and wine events I. E. , Mores Hill : cultural experience through it connections with local artists I. E. , Josef Chromo Wines: hosting cultural activities at its cellar door such as the rock concert series, film festivals 4. Other experiences that could attract cultural consumers and products that could inept: bringing a luxury aspect to the wine and food tasting experience such as the use of crystal or fine china glasses and cutlery.

This feeds into the status and aesthetic needs of these consumers. An historical ,perspective can be brought into the picture by show casing antique cutlery at these events As wine and cheese go hand in hand, wine producers can also offer a fine cheese tasting experience at their cellar door to tingle the taste buds of consumers. Fine/rare cheese producers can benefit from such an addition as well. Consumer Behavior Wine By Shopping-therapists