Consumers and businesses

Sprint Nextels’ target markets are consumers and businesses looking for the highest quality cellular phones and service such as smartphones and PDA’s; as a majority of existing Sprint customers are entrepreneurs or in business whereby the cellular device is primarily used. Another target market is the teen market age 13-19. The average age for a person to acquire their first cell phone is 14 years. Achieving sales from these customers is important for long-term relationships with consumers as it is often difficult (monetary cost, time costs) to change providers.

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Objection (Need): I don’t think our company and consumers have a need for the iPhone. Response: So you don’t feel that you or your consumers have a need for our product? I understand that you could feel that way but did I mention that AT&T is currently the only retailer selling the iPhone and sales are currently regulated because of the vast demand for this phone? People do not want to switch service to AT&T but maybe your existing customers would be interested in a phone that is the most technological and innovative to date. We think taking this step with Apple would take care of your company and consumers needs.

Objection (Product): I don’t understand your product and need more information. Response: Since you don’t feel that you understand our product and would like more information, how about I leave an iPhone and brochure with you for a week to try it out and better understand it? We think this would take care of your understanding of the product and need for more information Objection (Source): I don’t care for Apple. Response: I am sorry that you don’t like Apple; did I mention that Apple is one of the most reliable and oldest firms in the electronic market?

With a name that has been around for over 100 years, our brand name should be reason enough to re-evaluate your opinions of Apple. Objection (Price): The value of the iPhone does not exceed the cost. Response: I’m sorry you think that the value of the iPhone outweighs the cost. The benefits of improving your company image with a very developed name brand like Apple and introducing the most sought after phone on the market would take care of the concerns about value and price. Objection (Time): I need some time to think about it.

Response: You need more time to think about it? Well I do appreciate your time today; did I mention that we would like to leave a copy of the iPhone and brochure with you so you may have the time to go over all the options at your pace. Hopefully this will help you in the time you take to think about our product. SALES CALL The meeting with Sprint will take place on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 9:30 a. m. The meeting will be held at the Sprint office in Cleveland and I will be meeting with the Assistant Buyer from Sprint, Jenna Hopkins.

Pre-call Objective (SMART) Upon completion of this call on Jenna Hopkins, I will make her aware of at least 5 benefits of our product and express to her current news about our product and company, thereby creating a need for her company to do business with ours. Upon completion, I will get Ms. Hopkins to agree to a second meeting in two weeks where I can go into further detail on our company and product and relay purchase decisions at this time. Initial Benefit Statement

How would you like to increase profits dramatically by becoming one of the only cell phone retailers selling the worlds most advanced phone? During this sales call on Jenna Hopkins, in the first 30-120 second of the meeting I plan to introduce myself, shake her hand, and keep eye contact. After this I will build morale asking questions about her family, pets, and work; this will hopefully take a few minutes. Thereafter, I can approach Jenna about the benefits of our product and company which will lead into the presentation identifying Sprints needs using open ended questions and probing.

I will then clarify Ms. Hopkins’ responses and present her with solutions using the features, advantages, and benefits table, demonstration of the phone itself, and brochures on the phone to help guide the benefits related to Sprint and their consumers.

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