Contact between yourself and the customer

This in one of the most personal forms of communication as there is direct contact between yourself and the customer. An example: A customer paying at London Zoo receptionist to buy tickets to tour around. By computer Computers are very useful for storing information. They can also be used as a means of communication through systems such as electronic main (e-mail) where messages are transmitted from computer to computer.

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Written communication Written communication can take the form of letters, memos or posters. If fax machine facilities are not available the company may wish to send a letter confirming the details of an tickets booked for special events. Communication with groups A good example of London Zoo staff communicating with groups of customers is where a tour representative brief a group of people of tourist or family and friends.

Poor communication This is a case of where communication has broken down. The body language of the employee is unwelcoming to the customer and indicates that the member of staff does not wish to communicate with the public. Telephone communication Telephone enquiries is one of the most common methods of customers obtaining information about the product or service they are interested in. A mother and her daughter are sitting at Pizza Hut and they have just ordered the meal. Staff: hello, how many people are there? Customer: 2 please

Staff: ok fallow I and I will bring your menus so you can order Customer: thanks Staff: Here are your menus you can order when you’re ready will you like to order your drinks first? Customer: ermmm let me think…ill have a diet coke and water for my daughter. Staff: Here are your drinks one glass of water and a diet coke. 5 MINUTES LATER… Customers: WAITER I think I’m ready now to order I would like to have a… Pan based Mediterranean Meats pizza for me and … The Traditional Lasagne for my daughter. Staff: Alright… so you would like to have one Pan based Mediterranean Meats pizza and The Traditional Lasagne is that correct? Customer: yes

Staff: Anything else Customer: no thanks Staff: ok, I will bring your order as soon as it’s ready. 10 MINUTES… Staff: here is your meals enjoy! 2 MINUTES LATERS Customer: I have asked you for a Pan based Mediterranean Meats pizza and you’ve brought me the wrong one, this is not what I ordered and my daughters’ Lasagne is cold and it has a funny taste to it. Staff: Sorry about that, I will exchange your pizza to what you ordered. Would your daughter like to have something else then pasta? Customer: yes I would like my correct pizza please and do you have any meals that would suit my daughter? Staff: we have these special deal meals, Customer: Oh really?

What’s there to offer? Staff: Well we have three options. For �6.99 we have any starter or side and any individual pizza or pasta, for �12.99 we have any Tasting Platter and any medium pizza or any sharing pasta and for �24.99 we have any tasting Platter with any pizza plus either any medium pizza or any sharing pastas and large salad plate. I recommend you get the 2.99 deal meal. Seeing you get a lot for your money.

Customer: That sounds great, and I think I’m going to order the second option, Tasting Platter and any medium pizza or any sharing pasta but can you tell me what does Tasting Platter include? Staff: Well it includes Cheese Topped Garlic Bread, Breaded Chicken Strips, Potato Wedges, Mozzarella ; Tomato Salad, Texan Barbecue Chicken Wings, Bruschetta, and Garlic Bread. Customer: Oh great, my daughter loves chicken, I am definitely having that but can u please make sure this time that we get the correct order and the food is hot. Staff: Yes of course we will do that for you, sorry for any convenience.

Customer: Make sure that the wrong orders aren’t on my bill don’t charge me for the Lasagne and for the wrong pizza you gave me. Staff: I will sort that out right now Customer: make sure you will do! Staff: Ok, I will bring you the one Pan based Mediterranean Meats pizza and Tasting Platter and medium pizza as soon as its ready!