Contemporary Business Issue Plan

Teaching is provided in three main phases –

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(a) introductory lecture,

(b) core concept lectures, and

(c) workshops and formative presentations.

The following provides details of the contents of each stage. Introductory lecture: Will take place in Week 12 and is intended to provide an overall explanation of the approach of the unit and to inform students of the requirements of their research assignment.

Core concepts lectures:

These will be held from Week 13 to 15 inclusive and will cover the core concepts that you need to understand for each of the five areas of study.

There will be five subject lectures, one for each subject area. Students are required to attend all lectures. Seminars and presentations: Students will have seminars in weeks 16, 20 and 21 . Each seminar will consist of 4 to 6 groups Ana wall prove an opportunity Tort students to ask Stetsons Ana receive guidance from their tutor. The workshops will also provide an opportunity for your tutor to monitor the progress of each group and provide general guidance on issues such as literature searches, presentation style, and assignment structure.

The presentations will take place in Week 18. Each group will be required to present their work to date to their classmates and tutor. Each presentation will have a time limit of 10 minutes, and will be followed by a 5 minute questions and answers session. The aim of the presentation is to provide groups with formative feedback. It is intended that this will be used to aid students in the completion of their final written project. Powering and other presentation aids will be available for use by students during their presentations.

Students are recommended to keep the number of slides they use to five or electrotherapist deadlines Students are required to make a presentation of their work to date in class during week 18. This presentation is mandatory, but will not contribute to the final mark. Students are required to submit their final assignment digitally through Turning no later than 12 noon on the December 13th 2013. There is no requirement to submit a hard copy. Each student is required to complete their self and peer assessment survey online no later than December 13th 2013.


Students shall be divided into groups of 4 or 5, with each group being assessed based on a single written assignment submitted at the end of term. The assignment requires each group to provide a review of the literature in two of the topic areas discussed in section 2, and to apply their knowledge to the case of a firm. On the 13th of December 2013, each group will submit a single piece of written work online through Turning, which will account for 100% of their overall mark. The written assignment has a maximum word limit of 5,000 words.

Students will not be penalized if their word count is below the limit. However, work submitted which is in excess of the word limit will incur a penalty of 5 percentage marks. Each student will also have to complete a self and peer assessment form online by the same date. See appendix 2 Tort assignment research Stetsons Ana gleefulness see append Lox 3 Tort mom guidelines on searching for literature and company information