Contemporary Issues in Business Assessm

You should identify an area of interest from the lecture series. Title Critically analyses the impact of an issue of your choice on a relevant business/ industry/ case study. There are two assessed assignments on the module: Poster, this Is to provide a time line/ background to the selected Issue. 30% of the mark Presentation, here the selected issue is explored in detail using a relevant business/ industry/ case study. 70% of the final mark. Poster The poster will be a visual background to the selected Issue.

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It should include: changes In laws, attitudes, history etc. The poster will be handed in and explained during presentation time. This Is an opportunity for you to be creative and different topics will allow for different types of poster. Presentation 70% Your presentation will last 20 miss and during this time you will explain the poster and then present your findings. Non attendance at the time allocated will be classed as non submission. Results and feedback Project marks and written generic feedback on the consultancy project will be provided on Embankment arrange further feedback