Continuing Professional Development Is A Way

Continuing Professional Development Is A way BY Launch Continuing Professional Development Is a way to manage your own learning and professional development by setting objectives for yourself and then measuring and recording your progress In order to achieve your targets. CAP Isn’t a fixed process – It needs adapting from person to person. However, this means that regardless what your level of skill and expertise is it will help you to reach your career goals more efficiently.

The process for CAP should be based on reflection on your own experience while eating targets for yourself and then evaluating the outcomes after a learning process is complete. For example a good way to start your CAP will be to look back at the last half year to a year and identify what you have learned during that time and then set yourself a development plan for the next year based on the previous progress.

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Reflecting on your past and then planning your future will help you make your development’s tracking and evaluation easier. Useful techniques to enhance learning process are various. You could keep a diary/ blob where you could reflect on your discoveries as you learn, bullet points to remind oh the main ideas or simply taking notes as you go along. The main idea Is to have something that will show your continuous work in developing your skills and also serve as a future reminder when the questions arise in a day-to-day work.

Activities that make the biggest impact on your role at work should be the ones you focus on the most as evidence for a CAP record, However, anything that proves your self- development work and shows the progress you have made will count. In other words you need to provide proof that you have reflected on your learning needs, planed owe you would meet them and then carried out your learning plan. As part of your learning process your reflection on your own learning process is essential.

Keeping a good record of things as you go along would help you to provide these proofs. Why Is CAP Important for Individuals? For a professional It Is In one’s best Interest the keep the knowledge and skills up to date. You will be expected to be effective at your work and It is your responsibility to make sure It Is so. These days we do not have time to go to courses or seminars as often as we would like to. This is due to a faster aced work environment. However, getting busier at work does not mean we don’t have any other ways of developing ourselves.

CAP lets you develop yourself while working as you can link your learning directly to practice. Not only it will help you to keep your skills up to date but it will also prepare you for your next role by enabling you to take more responsibility as you learn. Hence, CAP also works as a positive reinforcement as it helps you gain the confidence and strength you need at work to show others what you are capable off. This will make your work life more satisfying ND will prepare you to achieve your career goals more quickly. OFF These days HER professionals are to play an important part in supporting and contributing the strategic development of the company. CAP has become a very important tool for HER professionals in helping them keeping up with the changes in the organizations, laws, etc… The previous mentioned steps of Refection-planning- Action-Measure will be a must have tool in every HER practitioners work life. He/she will be expected to demonstrate a good knowledge of the skills and practices of a HER professional.

Therefore, an HER practitioner should be able to reflect on the ideas and trends of HER practice and decide how to apply them in the context of their workplace. CAP will help them to measure their strengths and development needs looking at the HER professional map. Once these points are identified the HER practitioners can then use the reflective learning to plan how, when and what they are going to learn. They can then take action by implementing the learning plan and then measure the progress made. Reiteration of the described procedure will guarantee continuous development of any professional.