Contrast on the adverts

Oxfam implies that the girl is the implied speaker, where she is not the person saying the caption. They do this because the caption and image are related to one another, and when doing this, the reader feels sorry for the girl because they think she is saying the caption. Both of the adverts are in Standard English. It would be unprofessional to write in colloquial English. The text in the CCF advert is well written, there is one paragraph, ‘Can you imagine the pain of having to watch your own child grow up without being able to give her enough food to eat, the simplest of medicines when she falls ill or any books to help her with her learning?’ it is very emotional, no parent would want this happening to them. It makes the reader feel sympathetic towards them.

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The line, ‘ Soul destroying effects poverty,’ is very effective. It is emotive language. In the last paragraph it says, ‘We know of thousands more little children like Amie who desperately need a sponsor…’ is very effective because they made it a fact by saying we know, the describe the children as little and say the desperately need a sponsor to try to get through to the reader. They also say thank you at the end of the text as though they are already certain that the reader will sponsor them, but it could also mean thank you for reading the text.

The Oxfam advertisement text is a lot shorter than the CCF’s. It is laid out in a very simple way. The text contains many facts and figures about weapons and murders, there is also a pun in the text, ‘a code that stops arms falling into the wrong hands,’ it is talking about weapons, but we do not usually refer to weapons as arms. Towards the end of the text it says, ‘only then can EU leaders look us in the eyes and…’ this is because we have two eyes to look in to, the girl in the picture only has one so the heading says eye. Both advertisements have very different layouts, which is good. This is because it gives us a contrast on the adverts.

Both of the advertisements are powerful in there own ways. I think the CCF advert is overall more powerful and effective. The Oxfam advert makes you think and fight. Where as the CCF is persuading you to pay money monthly. Above all Oxfam is a better know charity than CCF, so more people would probably read Oxfam’s advertisements. I would choose to support the CCF because everybody should have a home to go to and food to eat. When we are starving we want food straight away, but there they probably have to wait for a long time, and the Oxfam’s request is much more complicated and would take long as well.