Controls and Evaluation

The initial implementation will start with the top of the organization. The executive committee will send out an email to announce strategic plan meetings for all employees. Meetings will be presented in a seminar presentation setting three times on the specific day provided. This will allow employees to choose a meeting that meets their work schedule. Meetings will be presented 10:00AM, 1:00PM and 4:00PM. The company mission, vision, corporate value will be discussed. The short-term and long-term goals will be presented as well as action plans by department. The mentoring program will be announced for employees to take advantage.

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After employees attend a meeting, ideas and suggestions are encourage from employees but will be facilitated by their direct manager in team meetings. Individuals who missed the presentation will be discussed with direct-managers at meetings. Every quarter the company will have a seminar meeting with employees to discuss achievements, progress on company goals and any new announcement. The front-line in this project will be in the Marketing and Sales department. The Marketing and Sales department is the most important to help the company expand and grow. Once all employees have attended the presentation the operations begins. The action above shows the deliverable, timeline and individuals responsible to ensure accountability.

Financial Projections and Analysis The strategic plan for Sierra will be difficult to provide an overview of financial projections and analysis. The company financial information cannot be obtained therefore, this section will be a presumptuous based on a fake figure. The sales amount for 2003 was at $1.5 millions and 2007 sales show $12 millions. The financial projections for the company will be 35 millions in five years due to the growth needs from the industry. Financial analysis shows the company will increase revenue year after year.

Critical Success Factors The critical successful will be relied on the planning and execution of the strategy. The executive team and employees will need to share the same vision and put extra effort to realize the end goal. One of the major factors for the executive team is communication and measuring progress. Quarterly meetings with staff to show progress will help set functional goals. The Executive team needs to create a culture they believe will take the company to the next level.

The company values will be important for employees to understand and internalize. Employee contribution will play a major factor in the short-term and long-term goals. Offer incentives for top account managers will keep them motivated to meet goals. Every employee will need to understand his/her role in the strategic plan. Continuous market development and building long-term business relationships is the most important of all to ensure success. The company must continue to obtain new accounts and sustain the customer relationship. Repeat business is important.

Controls and Evaluation The types of controls Sierra Bravo will use are premise control and balance scorecard. The, “premise control is designed to check systematically and continuously whether the premises on which the strategy is based are still valid” (Pearce and Robinson p 2004). The technology company constantly changes and by reviewing the industry and environment factors will help develop new strategies as these areas changes.

The premise control will help with new innovation of products to serve customers and remain competitive. Another control will be use is the balance scorecard designed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton. “The balance scorecard methodology adapts the TQM ideas of customer-defined quality, continuous improvement, employee empowerment, and measurement-based management/feedback into an expanded methodology that includes traditionally financial data and results,” (Pearce and Robinson, p 2004). The balance scorecard will be applied annually to measure and evaluate company accomplishments. This method will help the company adapt new strategy for the following year.


Sierra Bravo such li e new companies must find ways to survive and grow. The information presented in the strategic plan shows a high potential profitable business and growth. Through research, strategic thinking, employee contribution and controls a company can remain competitive in the market and reach long-term goals. From this strategic plan shows that market development strategy must be applied to maintain growth and overcome barriers. Overcoming barriers is a challenge for new companies, however, with appropriate action plans and gaining new customer loyalty will keep the company strong and profitable.


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