Cooking equipment development

The schemes below show stages In the development of cooking equipment. Change the task wording morel The first given cooking object A consists of clay body and a stone under it. The clay body is hollow and inside it the food is cooked. The whole object Is heated by the stone. It’s also the biggest of all cooking devices equipment given. Likewise, the TLS one, the second object B to given below is also made of trot clay and heated by stones. Even though, It’s much smaller than the first one, It doesn’t seem comfortable to cook on it because there isn’t enough space and there arena any chemical features [what do you mean?

Not clear]. The third cooking device Cone showed ion the disagreeable is the most modern of althea. Meanwhile [=too tarp, too meet] , the top of It is made of clay Just Like as the other two cooking objects. The base Is made from metal. It’s heated by ashes which is obtained from the charcoal. Log [it is heated by charcoal, and the ash is only a side product] It also includes many different technical features such as support for pot, handle, door and grate for charcoal. It seems much more comfortable than two others, however it’s tie big.

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Overall, the cooking equipment increased log [you mean in many aspects such as technical features still not clear, shape and appearance. However, the size remained almost the same. 5. 5 – 6 Task fulfillment is poor: a lot of illogical statements made mostly due to the incorrectly used lexical items. Problems with cohesion as well: errors in the use of linkers, and generally, too little cohesive devices are used, which makes the sentences rather short and abrupt at some places. Grammatical range Is mostly accurate although not very complex. Unmans