Critical Analysis of A Campaign Advert

A Campaign Advert is a type of advert that tries to sell an idea or opinion rather than a product. In this case the idea that I am analysing an advert from the “LYNX” anti fur organisation. The advert is telling us not to buy fur originated clothing products. The Director uses different camera shots and angles in order to make the advert effective. He also uses the characters to make it more effective by using costume and make up. I will cover all of this through out the analysis.

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The set is supposed to be a fashion show. We can tell this because there is a catwalk and an audience of mainly photographers in the set. The sets that are used are 1: White background with model against it. 2: Two camera shots showing 2 more models come out from behind 2 grey pillars. 3: shows all 3 models walking down the catwalk. Most of the advert is like this until the last two sets when the three models reach the end of the catwalk and the set shows more of the audience than on the models but this subject goes to camera shots so I will explain in that paragraph. I noticed that most of the background is white. This is supposed to represent innocence and purity.

The use of the camera is very important. You have to get the right shots and angles in order to make the advert effective. Here are some examples of the shots and angles. On the very first shot it’s a medium shot on the model against the white background, then in the second shot it has a close up of the models feet showing the bottom of the fur coat. In the second shot it shows the two models come out from behind the pillars but close up on their faces but still showing the fur coat.

They are some of examples of camera shots known as establishing shots. These let us get to know the characters and how they behave in a short amount of time. Camera angles are similar to camera shots but it is shown as the different positions of the camera. E.G: when the models are walking down the catwalk the camera is looking up at the models from behind. This is a superb example of a camera angle. During the study of camera shots I have noticed that when the shots are on the models they always have a shot of the fur coat. This gets the point across that the advertisers are very serious about this idea.

The characters are the most important part of the advert, they grab the audience’s attention. The first model has black hair lots of make up that make her eyes stand out and she has a straight face and her coat closed. The second model has frizzy hair, her eyes are highlighted very strongly and she also has lots of jewellery her coat is open. The third model has clear skin and less make up than the other two models, dark hair and is carrying flowers and her coat is open.

When the actors are walking down the catwalk they move in a very seductive and animalistic way. The way the models look and move adds more effectiveness of the advert. The other characters are members of the audience and what the director does is film their expressions for the coat. One audience member starts licking her lips when the model walks past her, this shows that she really like the fur coat. Another audience member is tilting her head up when the model walks past her and the audience member is looking down her nose. This shows she’s looking down on the coat and shows she doesn’t like it much. The director has captured this very well on how the audience feel just my their facial expressions.

The sound is very effective in the advert. It creates a very strong mood and atmosphere. At the start of the advert it begins with a gong, then the beat of the music comes in and it gets in step of the models pace. Then when the camera looks at different audience members you have a kind of flute playing from a high note to a medium note. It continues like this for at least 15 to 20 seconds when a big roar comes in, then you hear lots of different animal screams in pain and you hear some sort of jackhammer come into the screaming then it all stops for a few seconds. The sound is very effective in the advert because when the screaming comes in you understand the pain the animals are going through.

Editing is when it switches camera shots to make the advert go in step with the music. In the advert it starts with a blank screen then it goes onto the models. Then it goes onto the audience members, then switches back to the models constantly keeping in step with the beat of the music all the way to the end. Then when it comes to the end it all goes silent then a set of captions come up on the screen saying “It takes 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it.”

This makes us think about why we shouldn’t wear fur clothes because its saying we have blood on our hands if we do buy fur because your just paying for the skin of 40 living breathing creatures that’s just a coat now. I think the advert is very clear and it gets attention dramatically. It would change peoples minds by saying saying that you have have blood on your hands if you by fur coats.