Cruise industry

People feel eke cruising is not for them, they are to expensive, they worry about getting sick, they cruise industry By Wilhelmina once you experience a cruise you will get to see a different side of cruising other that the myths of cruises. The cruise ships travel all across the world taking people to locations they have never been and for some people places they Just enjoy going visit. The cruise ships travel through sea to get to many locations rather is near or far. Cruise ships dock at different locations to allow the passengers to sight see and shop.

People tend to find some things that they are unable to get from their home actions and some feels as if they are getting a better deal by purchasing at other countries. Tourist must be aware of the scams. Beware of scam artist that looks and awaits potential victims that are visiting and not aware of the scams. The Cruising Industry all offer well packaged cruise vacations that can run from three days to seven days. The ships offer a variety of dining and entertainment such as shows, casinos, shopping mall, and extensive spa’s. There are even cruise ships that cater to the children’s entertainment such as the Disney cruise line.

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Cruise ships low people to get away from many daily activities and enjoy a vacation. There are many ships for you to choose from depending on what your wants are; the carnival cruise lines are known for all around fun, celebrity cruise lines known for having the best food, Costa cruises has the edge on European style with a multi nationality of passengers, Holland tours offers the right touches that would appeal to seniors and retirees, Norwegian cruise line is good for first cruise for families with children, and the Disney cruise caters to the needs of children of all ages.

There are many more reuse lines to choose from it Just depends on what are the needs of the travelers. Cruising started in the late sass’s and since then has had a phenomenal growth. People now taking cruises has increased the cruising industry by more than 1,000 Percent. According to the Cruise industry news with the decline in consumer spending and the increase in capacity, the industry was able to increase passenger carryings by 3. 0 percent to 13. 4 million and The average length of a cruise increased marginally from 7. 18 days in 2008 to 7. 7 days in 2009 while the capacity utilization increased slightly from 104. 2 percent in 2008 to 104. Percent in 2009.. The Cruising Industry has trends that normally changes from year to year. The changes are due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are the state that the economy is in that particular year, if the economy is struggling then people will really think twice about demands, demand surge for smoking free ships, more healthy eating menus, more concerns for the environment and carbon- neutral ships, these are Just some of the cruising industry trends.

Cruise ships have to be able to accommodate the consumers so that they can continue to cruise with the companies which will also increase revenue. The trends can cause revenue to drop which can cause some ships to fall under bankruptcies mainly the smaller ships. Cruise lines have many concerns from day to day. The cruise lines are always concerned about the expansion of the cruising industry, because several cruise companies are continuing to add more ships increasing their revenue and making it harder for the smaller competitors.

In some instances smaller companies are forces to claim bankruptcy because the larger companies are able to offer more and larger ships. Take over and mergers are also concerns of the cruise industry, for example we have Carnival Corporation who is the parent company of the carnival cruise line who is continuing to buy other cruise lines. Carnival has increased by six lines; the Carnival cruise line, Holland America lines, Costa cruise, Windiest cruises, Seaboard cruise lines, and Canard line. They are not only expanding but they are continuing to design bigger ships to accommodate more people.

Passengers also have concerns when cruising, one of the main concerns are the ships safety. All passengers want to be assured that the ship is safe and they should not have any concerns, there are other assigners that worry about the ships policies such as cancellations, getting sick and always the pricing for items aboard the ships when cruising. These are concerns that are bought up all the time and the cruise industry usually have a representative that are there to assist the customers with any questions and concerns they may have.

The future of cruise industry will continue to focus on designing and building even bigger ships with different shapes to help expand their market that. This will allow them to offer more entertainment and larger room to accommodate the consumer’s deeds. There will be many obstacles and challenges that the cruising industry will face over the years but the cruise industry is confident that they will be able to meet the needs for any ages.

The cruise industry feels that they will continue to be the leader in the travel industry for many more years to come. As long as the cruising Industry offers all the customer’s needs and wants in one place they will continue to be successful. Customers do enjoy the convenience of being able to leave a room and enjoy all the festivities the ships have to offer without having to go far. The Cruise industry is like any other company looking to provide the best customer service to each and everyone.

The cruise lines knows if a customer is happy they will tell the next person about their experience on their ship and recommend them to use the cruise line if they are planning a vacation. Cruise Industry is very strict about the services the customers are giving from the Captain on down. Each employee has a responsibility and that is to provide top notch customer service and to keep every customer with a smile. The Cruising industry will continue to grow as many people re continuing to take cruise vacations rather is for a long cruise or a short cruise.

The demand for cruise ships will become more demanding over the decades. Cruising is exciting and everyone should experience at least one cruise in order to really know how it is. Klein, R. (2002). Cruise Ship Blues. The Underside of the Cruise Industry, New Society Publishers. Ward, D. (2008). Cruising. All questions Answered, PAP Publications. Ward. D. (2008). Complete Guide, Cruising & Cruise ships, Bartlett Publishing. Http:// www. Creditworthiness. Com/cruise-news articles/67-articles/1775 http:// www. Cruise]knee. Com/