Crusher Industry Needs to Break Through the Bottleneck

Crusher Industry Needs to Break Through the Bottleneck to Enter the International Market BY Hen-Ball With the rapid development of national economy, the crusher industry maintained a rapid growth for many years. In recent years, the crusher industry’s export situation is also excellent. China will transfer emphasis to the construction and expansion of infrastructure, which increase the requirement of crushing machinery and improve the development of crusher industry.

While in the decades of years of the crusher industry development, there are still many development bottlenecks, the increasingly highlight bottleneck is gradually ringing some negative influence to the development of China crusher industry. First of all, the domestic crushers comprehensive manufacturing experience is not enough, our state-owned enterprises lack the spirit of the summarizing foreign experience and learning advanced foreign technology, thus we still have a large gap compared with international advanced level.

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Besides, most state-owned enterprises are at a standstill in investing in scientific research, new product development, in this case, it is difficult to stimulate enterprise’s confidence to do research and placement with more energy. Second, the excess capacity is also an important reason that restrict the development of the industry.

Due to the increasing demand of crushers with the surge of infrastructure investment, a lot of bad conditions like the excess capacity, small and medium-sized enterprise low-end competition, low technology content product, serious energy consumption appeared. Third, even though the financial crisis has past, the economic situation continues to be weaken. As the crusher market competition increasing, and the continuous international trade which greatly affect he crusher development pace in China. Henna Bailing Machinery