Current event in Animal industry

This effort to remove the dogs began in October, and about 300 dogs a month were killed. Animal rights workers and a kind Russian billionaire have opened a shelter for these strays. The city had told them they had 4 days to collect the animals or they would be shot. So animal right workers had gotten a golf cart, called the “dog rescue”, and scoured the Olympic campus, picking up the animals and delivering them to the shelter. The shelter is an outdoor shantytown of doghouses on a hill, outside the city. They are calling the shelter Voodoo, in Russian means leash.

This makeshift shelter has already saved up to 80 animals, including a dozen puppies. Animal right workers say that most of strays were pets, or offspring of pets, abandoned by families whose homes were demolished over the past few years to make way for the Olympic venues. Russia has never made a priority of pushing responsible animal control policies, including spaying or neutering. If they did this would have helped avoid the current problems. With all this going on, Humane Society International wrote to Russian’s President

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Putting and urged him to prevent the killings of dogs, knowing that President Putting is also a dog lover. All he could say was that Socio has more stray dogs than their other cities, and that only the unhealthy dogs were being killed. Which was true, the strays were found inside sports venues and have even wandered into the residence where our Olympic athletes were staying. So a man who had made his fortune on aluminum, provided $1 5,000 to get the shelter started, and the government donated land for it to be built.

But with everything being built and arranged for the games to start they did not have enough time to build an indoor shelter. As of now, all local residents have learned of the shelter, however, the needs are only growing. They have had some offers of money but is Just not enough with all the, food, veterinary medicines and other supplies, including collars needed. All the dogs entering the shelter are being treated and vaccinated and will soon be eligible for adoption. Even some of the fans attending the Olympics adopted.

The only problem with getting hem adopted is that people don’t want mutt’s. Most, to all of these dogs are mutt’s, and people are usually only looking for pure breed. My Reaction: I think this current event is very cruel, but if it had to be done than it did. They could have approached it differently, like actually capturing the dogs first and doing it out of publics site. Also I want to know if only the unhealthy dogs were being killed as the President said. I don’t believe that being true, because they weren’t capturing the dogs and checking them out.

They were killing them and then loading them in the me the most I think. Also they should be pushing to have animal right laws. If they are forcing people out of their homes and giving them somewhere else to live they should make sure that animals are not left behind. In reality I know that there has to be control on animals or it can become out of control, as like this situation. Most people don’t know in the U. S. They kill almost 2. 6 million animals a year, and that’s because it’s all behind closed doors, and that’s why no one is overacting to that tater as well.

There are certain ways people see things, and this is such a huge ordeal, because the way they handled the matter. My opinion is that if it has to be done than it does. It’s sad but what can you do, can’t let things get worse. The only feelings that have changed for me is that Russia can be a screwed up place, with no soft side. Which I guess can be good because it’s harsh reality that some people need to see. The way this event will affect my future is that I will have a lots of heart and also a ill harsh reality to the customers, on their pets.

If the dogs worth saving than I will try my best, but if its past the point where it’s Just going to need more work and treatment than harsh reality will set in. The only benefits that I can see from this current event is that some of the dogs where adopted and the others are in shelters being treated and trying to be adopted. Also a resolution for the future in Russia is that they pass animal laws, and make neutering and spaying a must, unless they’re a breeder. It would help control the stray population a lot.