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I have had the opportunity of organizing and educating members in my community on health and fitness. This program was devoted in to help increase knowledge and change overall eating and fitness habits. The longevity of this program is contributed to my clients that refer my program to their friends and families. Continued knowledge In the field of health and fleetness also keeps the program with the most up to date Information that Is relayed to the clients.

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In the sat year, I have had clients suggest having a financial fitness program for working moms with available hours that adjust to their schedules, including child care. Since I myself am a working mother, I knew how important time and convenience is. This is where my research in the development of the business started. The first step of research was to discover what the problem was, In this example, the problem I faced was creating an operative program that would attract working moms and give them a resource they could latch on to.

Clarifying the research question referred to using his problem to come up with additional questions that could start to break down my first question and allow me to find answers that would allow me to orchestrate this program effectively. The program not only needed to be safe, but it had to offer the benefits to others to make it a wise business decision for myself. During the process of deciding how I would create this program, researching Information helped to form additional questions. Questions that came up were: would you also lead fitness classes?

Were those instructors to be certified? Will I have enough time for my own arsenal and family life? Were my sessions going to be customizable from beginners to advanced users? Running through these questions helped me in the exploration step. In my Healthy Habits club, I was able to pass out a questionnaire to those who attended that asked them their preferences on dates, times, levels of experience, and what they would like to see In these classes. My clients were overjoyed to answer and gave me useful feedback.

I held meetings with a few of my peers and started to dissect the information that was given to me to begin creating a proposal. During Stage two, the research proposal was presented to a few of my peers that helped me with the current Healthy Habits meetings I was conducting. We discussed the cost of the overall program, In addition to the positive and negatives the program would present, Our clients would benefit greatly from offering this program and could potentially bring in additional funds to keep improving the program.

My peers were included in this decision making process, as well as their own research was considered. The question that we faced was does a working mom fitness program fit our current program in health and fitness. The final decision became unanimous when we decided that the program had many positives that outweighed the negatives to the original program, Research costs were minimal as we conducted the able to tap into private gym staff and discuss overhead costs for equipment. All of this research saved the program a large expense. The third step of this course was the research design.

A survey went out to local mom’s groups, current clients of our program, friends and families, and even my children’s schools. It was a simple layout in an invitation form. It asked them if they would be interested in Joining a Flexible Mom’s Fitness Program. The invitation disclosed certain benefits they would receive and allow them the flexibility of their working hours. Our demographic target was women between the ages of 21 – 45 and put flyers in nail and hair salons within a 7 mile radius. The invitation offered a non-obligatory class that they could try with no fee.

We did ask that they call and reserve a spot for one of four classes they were holding. If they brought a friend, their 2nd class was free. One of my peers created an event through a Social Media site to help spread the word. This helped as we received a lot of positive feedback through that event. The fourth stage of this process was the data collection and preparation. This step was one of the easiest parts as we have one person take on the role to collect all reservations for the classes and collect information on those who wanted more information about the programs offered, including the Healthy Habits program.

Many gyms offer fitness classes during he early morning and late night sessions, however, these classes were designed for women that had children and wanted a different approach to their fitness. My expertise in nutrition and training are helpful to those that put in inquiries. My bio was available on my website, in addition to my family picture. Women could connect and relate to some of the challenges I faced as well when it came to my health. In the fifth step, data analysis and interpretation, I noticed there was not any space available for our invited clients to leave us a suggestion.

The only space that this was available was on the Social Media website. Inquiries and comments were taken into consideration, and asked our clients to like our page and give us feedback on past experiences from other locations. It was helpful to the program by listening to the feedback from their past experiences at other gyms and personal training sessions. Our idea was to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that allowed our clients to feel safe and cared for. The data provided us to create a program that was unlike any other personal fitness program out there.

The final step was to report the exults. Once the information was organized, I met with my peers and we had our first implementation meeting. During this meeting we discussed the results of our reservations, in addition to the feedback we received from our Social Media account. The program would require training levels and ensure that we have competitive pricing available that was inclusive to child care and the classes we offered. The date and times were set for our first fitness class, which was announced by email and an announcement on Social Media.