Current Events in Business Research

There are a few issues here that Myra and her team will need to research and investigate. There are local accosts voicing their concern, calling to shut down the range due to being environmentally hazardous. Another issue was these “duds” or bombs that didn’t explode when it hit the ground going off randomly, as the Army believed that Its dead shells would only explode If another bomb was dropped on it to cause it to ignite. According to the Army, civilian deaths could not be attributed to their munitions testing area due to their testing of roping the “duds” to torching them to try and ignite them.

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Wines and team hypothesized that the dead shells could potentially explode and leave no trace of the event taking place. Wines and team, met with Army representatives to go over the reports regarding dead shells or “duds”. By reviewing these materials they would be able define the management question which in turn would help by coming to a conclusion for the research question. The research team had to look at all the personnel that came In contact of shells, results that the explosions were leaving, and he frequency of dead shells Army states one out of twenty) to be able to come up with better research questions.

The team’s observation showed them that civilians were actually opening up the bombs to salvage anything that had value. Unfortunately the bombs exploded and the scavengers. Wines’ research team reviewed the data they collected, concluding that the civilians were thrill seekers and the scavenging fit into their thrills. Wines and team discussed their conclusions to the Army, in which the Army to develop and implement policies to lessen avoidable civilian deaths.

The team’s conclusions after reviewing the data, determined that the Army best management decision was to set off every “dud” shell at the end of each testing day and put kerosene on them so bombers can see at night and drop bombs to destroy the “duds”. Because of Wines’ and the team’s research, the Army Implemented new procedures and the Cleveland death rate dropped. Research is a very important aspect to any company that is seeking to gain success or get the up hand on competitors. Searching for methods that will add value to companies Is also considered the business research process.

When researching, one must consider what is in the best interest of the company, its employees, the what types of services companies are considering and required to analyze business situations. It is important to research the full potential of the service and what will the company gain from it. Business research is used to perform analysis of the industry, its products and to identify customer groups. It also is an important tool for management to make better business decisions. If the risk is too high, and there is not much that progress that the company will gain from providing the services, then t might be best to hold Off while longer.