Customer satisfaction on starbuck

I’m Curious to this, I don’t understand why people hate struck besides the point that its a huge corporation. And if this is why you hate them, then you have to hate McDonald’s, Wall-Mart, Target, Macy’s, Nikkei, on and on and on Yes they are closing stores and laying off workers, income to do when people stop spending disposable income.

It’s common sense. Plus they are only closing underperforming stores. General Electric annually cuts any program that doesn’t grow by 10% that year, yet no one hates them like they do trucks. And even besides this point, they are still annually rated as one of the best companies in the world you can work for.

I know a lot of people who work there, and they love It, you can’t really beat the benefits and flexible schedules, find me another company that has spent more money on health care for employees than they did purchasing their product, (struck In recent years has spent more money on health care than on anything else, so their employees, part time and full time, can have great benefits) Yet so many people hate struck, f you don’t like $5 coffee, don’t go there, I don’t like $ask escalates, so don’t buy them, but I don’t hate them for it, If you don’t like the taste of their coffee, buy a different kind, I don’t like coffee period, I buy other stuff, yet I don’t hate struck because I don’t like THEIR coffee if you don’t like the people who go there, well, then you’re profiling, if you don’t like the people who work there, why? People call them snobby, I call them nice, you try working in customer service everyday, people are keyholes, and the workers at struck are always really nice to me, or at least you can tell they try, and of course there will be a rude one every now and then, you’ll find this at the only bad thing I’ve heard from employees at struck, is having to deal with rude customers, but I get better customer service on average there than anywhere else if you don’t like it because they are putting all “the little” coffee shops out of business? Then you don’t know business.