Customer Service

As Asda regards the customer as a top consideration in all its areas of business, it is not surprising that the organisation dedicates so much thought, time and effort towards the efficient operation of the Customer Service department. Asda pays much respect and importance towards its customers as it strongly believes that the success or failure of a business lies entirely with its existing and potential customer base.

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In order for it to continue as a successful organisation, Asda always views the way it operates from the perspective of its customers and considers what it is that its customers expect to see and hear from the very first moment they step into the supermarket. It is from this perspective that Asda expects its staff to be friendly to all its customers at all times. At larger stores, Asda has a doorman/greeter who greets customers as they enter the building, in order to add that personal welcoming touch.

Asda also appreciate the fact when a customer buys goods or service they do so to satisfy a need and expect goods to be available when they need them. They also have the right to get good value for money. This is one of the reasons why Asda’s business is successful because they know what their customers want and the quality they demand, and offer better value than any of their competitors. Asda pays much importance towards its Customer Service Department. The purpose of the Customer Service department at Asda is to keep their customers happy ands fulfil their expectations by providing a range of services and quality goods at low prices.

When customers are dissatisfied, many problems can arise. For instance if any organisation refuses to give a refund or exchange damaged or faulty goods it is within the customers statutory rights to go to the trading standards under The Trade Descriptions ACT 1968 which is basically designed to prevent the false or misleading description of goods. This would give businesses such as Asda a bad reputation and would possibly prevent customers from coming in future.

This is why Asda tries very hard to provide a range of facilities and services at the Asda customer service counter, which are much greater than those usually found in any other supermarket. For example Asda’s customer service would include:Asda ensure that their staff are trained to recruit only those employees who are not only able to satisfy the job criteria but who also have a friendly personality and would therefore get on well with the customers. However, sometimes mistakes are made and the wrong staff can be recruited.

Recruiting the wrong staff can cause many problems to arise, which could portray the reputation of Asda in a very bad light. This is why Asda try to provide a fast and friendly service, by training their staff to deliver high standards of service with a smile. Their customer service training is based upon their research from customer surveys about good and bad customer service practice. Asda have used the information from such customer surveys to identify what customers expect and consider being good customer service practice and have then adopted these practices in their supermarkets.

These examples of good practice of customer services are described and explained in part 4. a). Staff are also informed of what their customers consider to be bad customer service practice at supermarkets and are trained to avoid adopting any of these bad practices. These bad practices of customer services which could contribute significantly to the potential failure of a supermarket include: Asda try to avoid dissatisfying customers by providing excellent sales and after sales service. However, if Asda was not so committed to customer service and did not consider the customer a priority, major problems would occur.

The main problem would be in giving the organisation a bad name and reputation for bad customer service as dissatisfied customers would stop shopping at Asda and then also tell their family and friends about the organisation which could avoid them from going there too. Eventually, the lack of customers would mean less income for Asda, which in turn would result in cuts in employment, cutbacks on customer facilities, less buying power, less savings for customers, less attraction to the supermarket and eventually ultimate failure to continue as a leading supermarket.

This is why Asda provide the best quality goods around with affordable prices and with the best of service. E5) – THE MANAGEMENT STYLE AND CULTURE AT ASDA As Asda is a large national PLC, which employees thousands of employees across various sectors of its departments, its organisational structure is based hierarchically. The hierarchy in a business is the order or levels of management, from the lowest to the highest rank and shows the chain of command that exists in the organisation.

It employs specific management styles in its operational management across the organisation. In an ever-changing, dynamic world, Asda has realised well in advance that management styles need to be compatible and beneficial to the work culture in modern times, rather than completely autocratic. It essentially employs two management styles, as certain management styles are more relevant and applicable to certain functional areas and departments, depending on their position in their hierarchy.

The primary management styles that Asda employ across their organisation, particularly in the bottom half of their hierarchical structure, is a consultative management style. Consultative managers at Asda seek to consult their employees before making and implementing a decision. This is not to say that shop-floor employees make managerial decisions, but rather that they are consulted for opinions before most major decisions are implemented.

However, there is an element of some mild autocracy that is applied in the management of such staff at the very base of the hierarchy, but they are still given a sense of worth as employees by being consulted and regularly informed of updates via newsletters, ‘daily huddle’ team briefings, in addition to being asked to contribute for suggestions as regards to potential improvements. The consultative management style is also employed at the top half of the hierarchical structure as all departments and functional areas are consulted.

Asda managers are encouraged to employ listening skills and be more approachable to their staff, rather than simply instruct and order. Perhaps more relevant to those departments where there is a need for project-based work, creativity and administrative and managerial organisation, Asda also employs a democratic management style. A democratic management style involves ’empowering’ teams and individuals by being given the responsibility to make decisions, within the confines of given framework. The team is then held responsible for the decisions it desires to make.

Managers at Asda will feel comfortable with this management style as it encourages teamwork and creates a better workforce as well as giving the mangers a little more freedom. However it is vital that the manager has a clear overall understanding of the decisions taking place. The managers would be confident that individuals given the responsibility will use their time and efforts wisely. The managers at Asda will regularly communicate with the employees at the organisation in terms of talking to them if they are having any problems or a change in job role if they are finding the work hard or a promotion if they have the ability to do better.

Asda believe that this helps keep a good management style, as this way all the employees are kept happy and better results are achieved. The managers will often provide promotion schemes for employees. This also helps to keep an effective management style as it encourages employees to work with their full potential. The mangers at Asda will often use MIS (Management Information System). This helps mangers to view trends from the past, areas which need improvement and furthermore the level at which their employees are working.

MIS also helps change the management style of the business as it helps identify areas of concern etc. Asda believe that a friendly, open and efficient management style it is vital for the staff to feel comfortable and enjoy their work. Good management is vital to the success of Asda as Asda firmly believe that friendly, caring mangers who posses’ good leadership, communication and teamwork skills create a happier workforce. In turn the workforce provide a much more efficient and friendlier service to customers who then ultimately feel satisfied with their shopping experience.

As mentioned previously it is the aim of Asda to make sure the management make the company the most enjoyable place to work, where all the employees are able to work together in harmony. This is vital for Asda, as Asda believe that the attitude of the staff reflects back on the customers. Asda believe that good management and employees are a vital aspect of a business as they have direct contact with the customers. For the third year running Asda has been featured in the top 10 companies to work for with flexible working.

For Asda this is a measure of success to see how well the company is actually doing. Regular internal and external meetings are an excellent means of communicating effectively in order to achieve targets and goals. Meetings are often held by Asda to ensure targets are set and achieved, company news is passed on, updates are received and problems are aired and solutions are made. One of Asda’s aims is: ‘To ensure complete customer satisfaction and minimise any complaints about their products or prices’.

This aim can only be completed through communication, as it is necessary for the staff to communicate with the customers by providing them with relevant information if required and helping them out with any problems in order to meet this aim. Without communication it is impossible for any business to succeed. This is why communication is very important to Asda as it is needed for the business to succeed and meet its aims. Asda have a daily meeting across all their branches which they refer to as a daily huddle.

At this meeting the staff get a chance to discuss any problems and get clarification on matters they are not sure about. This helps the staff at Asda to overcome their differences and provide new effective ways in which to meet their aims. This ‘Daily Huddle’ also ensures that staff are kept happy and feel their thoughts, feelings and suggestions are valued by management. Such means of communication ensure that problems are dealt with very early on as opposed to being allowed to gradually build into a situation which could potentially be disastrous or cause much upset later.

Better and clear lines of communication mean happier, satisfied staff who feel their opinions are valued, which inevitably results in much more efficient and productive operations towards achieving aims and objectives. Asda has a chain of communication in which staff within each department have regular meetings to discuss issues concerning work conditions and operations, in addition to receiving objectives, results and news. The team leaders from within each department then have regular team leader meetings to communicate what news, problems and requests their team members have stated in previous team meetings.

Again, this information is then passed onto senior management who have the authority to deal with the more serious issues and problems. Once a solution has been reached or when senior management feel that that Asda staff need to be kept informed of the latest company news, this information is then passed back down the chain to the team leaders, who then eventually pass it back down to the team staff. If a link in this chain ‘broke’ away, the lines of communications would fail as there would be some departments and teams who would not have received any important information.

This no doubt would eventually result in much upset with the excluded teams and therefore perhaps cause problems later down the line. As further management strategies, Asda encourage better performance and raise motivation by encouraging staff at all levels, to strive for promotion prospects within the company. It is useful to Asda to know how many employees have the skills and aptitude for promotion to more demanding roles. In addition it is useful to know how many employees have the potential, with suitable training, for promotion.

Asda also provides its employees with cheap share packages, staff discounts, subsidised canteens and regularly have fun charity events in order to make Asda a better work environment. In order to get results, management will often identify potential problems and conflicts and look at areas of concern and areas which could be improved. Furthermore, management will often talk with employees who are having problems and employees who need help in terms of not meeting expectations. Asda believe that all employees have the potential of being a good manager.

Asda has reaped the rewards of employing management styles such as those discussed above as there has been a significant improvement in staff morale, higher productivity and efficiency and greater staff loyalty to the business. A better staff productivity rate and higher staff morale has resulted in happier customers and therefore a much better performance rate. Asda management also ensure that they strictly adhere to various employment legislation, in order to ensure they treat their staff fairly and equally. Some of these employment legislations which management must abide by are discussed below.

Customer service

In John Lewis, we introduced name badges for selling Partners to make customer service more personal, in response to customers saying they wanted to remember who had helped them, in case they wanted to return for further help. Thirdly, both of John Lewis and Waitress build accessible shops and services in order to make all customers can access their products and aim to meet each customer’s individual deeds and respond to customer feedback, There are more than 200 access audits, looking at areas such as entrances and exits, customer catering facilities, fitting rooms and toilets, and improve access to their older buildings.

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The company create favorable conditions to help disabled customers, such as parking bays close to shop entrances; accessible lifts, clearer signage and light, prepare with prams and pushchairs and always looking to improve the layout of their shops to easier to get around. Services they offer to all customers such as order online free delivery and arches collection points are particularly helpful for disabled customers. Finally, they offer their value. John Lewis aims to offering a wide range of great-quality products, which are competitive price and supported by excellent service.

Never Knowingly Undersold has represented this commitment to value since 1925 and remains central to our business. Besides, Waitress has such an enviable reputation for quality. Every week, they price check thousands of everyday items we all need to buy like bread, toothpaste, milk, etc, to make sure our customers are getting consistently good value for money. Price Commitment is a promise to continue bringing customer quality food that is affordable priced and represents excellent value, make sure their customers are getting consistently good value for money.

Waitress are committed to keeping prices for customers as low as possible. L. Company overview KEF Corporation, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, operates a chain of chicken restaurants in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1952 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky with outlets in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and internationally. KEF Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. Customers around the globe also enjoy more than 300 products such as chicken, flavors and snacks, sandwiches, desserts, bowls, sides, box meals, and crispy chicken tenders.

It also offers sweet corn, mashed potatoes, Cole slaw, potato wedges and salads, fresh-baked biscuits, past, garden and three-bean salads, and seasoned rice. KEF has more than 11,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries, and every day serves roughly 8 million customers around the world. The main customer of KEF is family who like chicken, so we can see the menu of the KEF usually sale in he set form. II. Analysis of Cuff’s bad customer service Kentucky Fried Chicken customer service is ranked #621 out of the 674 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard. Mom rating with an overall score of 19. 60 out of a possible 200 based upon 39 ratings. This score rates Kentucky Fried Chicken customer service and customer support as Terrible. 2. 1 . Description of the case Surfing around websites on the Internet or even seeing in the real life, we can easily to find out a huge number of customer complaints about the attitude of Cuff’s employee as poor employee attitude or rude employee. To be more detail, the employee ignored when the customer asking them or even talking loud and screaming at their customer, they appeared to not have any patient.

There is no greeting or apologize and a smile to welcome their customer seems definitely hard. Moreover, the employees do not understand about their Job. For example, the order fillers do not know the parts of a chicken. The nationally advertised leg and thigh only, Bucket had wings and breads. Despite the fact that when the customer asked the order taker if they could get more legs than thighs and was told the outlet could not substitute. Therefore, customer must pay for unwanted product. 2. 1. 2.

Quality of management KEF is an example of the lack of management. There were some evidences to prove this statement. The managers are lack of responsibility with poor working attitude. Whenever customer has trouble or complaints about the food, speech of service or even employee attitude, the managers seems not better than their workers; they do not give their customer any satisfactory reasons and solutions. Moreover, they treats the customer with a nasty attitude, they actually do not care about customer’s feeling and satisfaction. . 1. . Facilities and Product quality As we all know that a good restaurant need a clean space for customers, all the facilities as air conditioners, eating tables, windows, machines, etc need to be cleaned but KEF in their customer’s head and mind is all about dirty floors and windows, food is unhygienic like ice cubes, chickens and drinks. The outlet seems does not care about their customer’s health. According to some customers, when they saw in KEF drinks, there were ants or even fly in the drink when they open the lid.

Furthermore, according to a program named China Central Television says Cuff’s Ice eave bacteria levels were six times higher than toilet water. Another evident is that the employee instead of wearing gloves; he grabbed the chicken pieces with his hand. More seriously, customer had food poisoning when they ate Cuff’s chicken. Take a look at a true story from a loyal fan of fried chicken: “After working overtime on a Saturday afternoon 2/13/2010 1 went to the KEF in Yankton SD to order chicken for me and my daughter to share.

After returning home, my daughter was not hungry and I was tired so I ate one piece of the leg and put the rest in the refrigerator. Then I tried napping for approve. After an hour, I knew something was going wrong. I had the worst case of food poisoning ever (vomiting uncontrollably both entrance and exit) and getting very light headed from dehydration, then I went to inform my daughter what I thought was happening and not to touch the remaining chicken. By 1 1 pm my daughter was so scared then took me go to the hospital. Needless to say, it was a horrible experience in my life.

Months later I heard horrible stories about an employee (about that time period I was poisoned) actually peed into a box of frozen chicken before it was cooked. There are terrible things that go on inside those walls Since we can see that, the quality of Cuff’s products and service is alarming, the price is high but product’s quality was hardly worth the money customer paid, also their healthy is threatened. 2. 1. 4. Cuff’s trap There is a good example about Cuff’s trick. On April 6th in 2010, KEF China offered a coupon valid throughout the country that was available online with the price a half cheaper.

However, when many Shanghai residents printed this coupon and brought it to their local KEF, they were eventually rejected. KEF staff in different stories offered different excuses and handled upset customers differently. Some restaurants honored the deal, some restaurants refused customers entirely, and other restaurants compromised by offering a substitute deal. Some customers demanding explanations and that KEF honor their promotion, KEF explained that perhaps their customer bought fake coupons on specific websites because lack of understanding.

Because of this, KEF did not accept any of them. For most people, the important point was not the savings but the principle of KEF not honoring their own promotion and handling customers in a dishonest and inconsistent way. Not only was the chicken small and soggy, missing one piece. At least the chicken looked better than the staff. Another trap is that KEF cashiers do not pay back or do mistakes deliberately when their customer when they give money to pay more than the product cost. When the customer complained, their attitude is nothing wrong here. 2. . 5. Speech of service The company hires no people skills even they are fast food restaurant, they need an aware of how speech of service is important. In fact, the time of customer wait for their product will be able to up to an hour and no longer to expect to the employee explanation. Sometimes, customer could be neglected or worse, when you try to buy he food at the end of the day, the manager are likely to closed the outlet fifteen or twenty minutes sooner with or without apologized or the employee may not offer you what you want to buy. 2. 1. 6.

Customer service center Customer service care center where the customer can share about their experience when they come to the restaurant but in KEF, there is no one responsible for answering their customer’s feedback. When customer called the complaint line which was useless as it was all auto-mated and it was difficult to describe the problem. When they used the internet to about the problem, there was no response, and the customer made a few calls to corporate and quickly explained the problem and again they said an area person would contact to get the details but actually they never did.

Therefore, any problems cannot be heard and handled. 2. 2. Causes of bad customer service There are some several reasons that lead to the poor customer service of KEF. The first reason is about management department, the manager who are unskilled and lack of responsibility for their Job. The managers of KEF do not care about their customer whether they are satisfied or not. Whenever their customer complaint, they again lead to their customer frustrated.

Moreover, the managers do not care about training their employee skills and attitude when they serve, it makes the customer upset and spend much time to wait patiently to received their meal, some people even be forget to be served though KEF is quick service restaurant. The reason cause to a nasty attitude is that the employee’s income is low but the working pressure is high. Estimated that a KEF restaurant served average approximately 4,000 customers per day, customers often have to stand in queue, thus employee have to work unremitting.

KEF Customer Advisory Board is no longer enough to meet customer expectations. Effective customer service today must be equated with knowledge, information, and expertise. First, KEF need to know what the customers expect from them. Foremost is a good quality chicken. Next is the need to be understood, the need to feel welcome, the need to feel important and the need for comfort. Moreover is attentive, energetic, warm, and courteous service. In addition, helpful and suggestive selling and accuracy of order taking and filling will make customer more satisfied.

Secondly, the company need to know what do the customers wants and expect from employee, it is good at irking with a professional attitude of serving, someone who really nice and friendly and they are genuinely interested in what customers are saying, who do not Just ignore or give customer one syllable answer, they actually listen to customer and answer. Because the customer wants good quality answers and somebody that would not make you Just want to rip their head off and to get someone to help that actually knows their Job and knows what they are doing, instead of getting someone who does not know their Job.

Thirdly, understand clearly what employees expect and want in a job, it is decent pay a respectable boss and respectable co-worker. Fourth, employee need to see themselves as one helping people being and feeling served is always their goals and happiness. Fifth, KEF need to know how it is important that you understand what the customer wants, if KEF do not give the customer wants or likes then they will not buy it, meaning the company will not get money. Therefore, the company is in need of preparing a detail plan in order to improve their customer care system.

There are some quick solutions for KEF to recovery their customer belief and continues to warm up their mind about Cuff’s service. Foremost, KEF should hire a DOD manager or training their manager to be a person who can cover all the operating activities of the company from processing, hygienic of product and eating space, especially the attitude of their employee. The one have a brilliant awareness of how important of customer satisfaction and they are available to listen to their customer feedback even if it is positive or negative.

After that, they can give to customer satisfactory responses and fixed the problem immediately in order to avoid recidivism. Besides, the need of training employee is indispensable, the company should hold some training sessions. In the session, the employee will be taught about how to greeting or say farewell to the customer, a smile will make the customer feels like they are welcome and shows the friendly and a great place to stop for some quick lunch, or to pick up a bucket for the whole family to enjoy. Besides, employees when it is the end of the meal.

Employee must be aware that “If there are no customer, there will be no KEF”, thus, they can put themselves into customer position and treat their customer better than they did. Even KEF is a quick service restaurant but there is a need of a primary courtesy to customer. The company can also give mom competitions between employees, such as if an employee has a good performance by selling a large volume of product and receives no complaints from customer, this one will become the typical employee of that month, he or she will receive some bonus depends on his sale volume.

In consequence, not only the productivity of the company is increase but also the customer satisfied will be met by employee self-consciousness. Furthermore, KEF can offer incentives for loyal customers to have psychology contract with customers who love KEF and many others incentives. For instance, offering hot deal, voucher for frequency consumers thou any trick, integrity is the first priority.

Product quality and hygienic of eating place is also a considerable attention issues, manager can walk around to observe whether the floor, the table, the window, the toilet, processing place are clear, the chicken are fresh and the ice, the beverage is healthful. Because of there are many customers come to the outlet per day, therefore, the food can be processing in advance rather than scared of being damaged or staled so the time of waiting to be served can be cut down. In the future, KEF can plans to install a self-service kiosk to serve more quickly. D. Conclusion