Dedicated employees

Rewarding the dedicated employees- Employees with good performance output should be given some monetary benefits along with other incentives. There should be clear relationship between the performance and the pay. This would lead to motivation of employees and they will try to work as efficiently as they can. Along with rewarding the good performances, some negative rewards should also be given to those whose performance has not been up to the mark.

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Training and Development Process- Regular training and appraisals should be carried out to equip the employees with the latest techniques of doing the work. Employees should be involved in decision making process. This would enhance their ability to take strategic decisions which will benefit the organisation in the long run. Every employee should be trained on the basis of his/her past performance. Need based development process should be put in place. Along with their training, their performance should be monitored. Action should be taken against those who are not carrying out training properly.

Database Employee Information- There should be database available containing detailed information about each employee. Currently no information is available on figures of labor turnover, sickness absence, ethnic monitoring, gender split etc. This will help the management to take corrective measures where the absenteeism is too high, or if there is any other thing going wrong. Communication- Staff feels ill-informed about the important issues. This hampers the coordination of the whole organisation. In the Employee opinion survey, it was highlighted that employees are unhappy about the level of communication in the ABC County. So, a well designed communication system is needed for proper functioning of the County.

Implementation and Planning- The top level of management should be engaged in formulating and prioritizing the issues. There should be a balance between local community targets and central government goals. They should be prioritized and then worked upon. This is because County spends much of its time and resources for achieving central targets in spite of fulfilling the needs of local community. Recruitment & Selection- ABC County recruits a large number of people most of which are not capable of doing the required job. Hence it should stress on recruiting people by the way of interview, screening etc. It should not either terminate the Online recruitment process, but it should recruit a minimum number of people form this method.

Use of Information- The information gathered should be used properly in the interest of the society. There should be a performance improvement culture and not a blame culture. The County should learn from its previous mistakes and should treat these mistakes as a learning opportunity to improve the performance in the future. Performance Management- Currently, the performance of team work in measured individually, whereas it should be measured individually for individual work and collectively for team work. By this method, only those people would be rewarded who deserves it. The process should be simple and strait forward.

Employee growth- To maintain an effective work force, the growth of employees should not be overlooked. Employees should be provided with growth opportunities regularly. This can be done by involving the employees in different projects wherein they can learn about doing other jobs also. They should be recognized by the top level of management. This would lead to coming in of more and more competent employees. Public relation- Concerns have been shown by the public about the working of the county. There has been low electoral turnout because the performance of county is not known to the public. So, it should try to bring its performance in the knowledge of public through mediums like annual reports, newspapers etc.

Questioning and Suggestions- There should be a system wherein each employee has to compulsorily give at least 1 suggestion per month which make a total of more than 3000 suggestions per month. It will be of a great use for the management because it is the employees who can give the best suggestions rather than anyone else. Employees and Community should also be provided with the facility of asking questions from the top management. This would make the organisation more open. Benchmarking- The county should benchmark its performance with those whose performance has been better than its own. Then a detailed analysis should be done to identify the factors which lead to deviations in performance. This would help ABC County to develop continuously until its get the rating of ‘excellent’ under the Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPA).


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