Definition of marketing

Defining Marketing Marketing means to me Is advertising your product and getting the consumer notice and buy the product you are trying to sell. Now we could advertise almost everywhere, TV, billboard now they are big on Backbone, online these are some example. On Investigated the definition of marketing Is the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or services. It Includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people.

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On American Marketing Association Board of Directors their definition of marketing is the activity, set of institution, and recesses for creating communicating, delivering, and exchanging offering that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Marketing is very important to any company, this how they get notice in the world. Without marketing a lot of business will not get notice and no one will buy or sell their product. Before they could market these products they have to analyze how well the product work and how consumer will Like it.

For example Samsung products how did they became well known company? They became well known company from advertising or marketing their best product from their television to cell phones. Their smartened Samsung Galaxy eggs out beat Phone 5 end of 2012 to now. Their strategy Is that to make the big screen and launch the product before Apple will launch their new Phone 5. A lot of the consumer like what Galaxy eggs have to offer than the Phone 5 could. Bigger screen has capability like the tablets and you could do more than Phone could do and also the price of the Galaxy eggs is a lot cheaper than the Phone 5. Apple smartness have been losing out in the sales war with the rival Samsung from South Korea and first quarter sales show gaping divide. Part of the reason may be because Apple hasn’t introduced any new versions of its popular phone yet” (K. Raptor April 2013). This one of the reason why it is very important to business to market their products or newer product to out beat other competitors. Another strategy Samsung has their commercial how they showed what Galaxy SO could do vs.. Phone 5. You could send a file, music; photos through S-beam and Phone could not do that.

Consumer was amaze about this new gadget that Samsung could offer them. These how effective their marketing strategy and by the end of the first quarter Samsung out beat Apple on their sales. Apple marketing strategy is that to launch the first smartened around the world. When Steve Job’s came back to the company and announced the phone. A lot of the consumer was amaze what phone could do. Apple have simple commercial that I ever watch, they did not made fun of the other company or compare their product from another company, they just show how the product works.

With this marketing strategy they have showed that they are very competitive and they do not have to show who has the best product. Numbers speak for it self. Apple have seven keys strategies they follow; “they ignore there critics, turn the ordinary Into something beautiful, Justify there price, communicate In the language of there audience, extend the experience, build a tribe and become ‘The Name”‘ (Collectors. Com, 2013). Apple core philosophy Is that consumer does not always know what they want.

Disney Company they been in business for over 100 biggest companies in the world and there marketing is to get every child the happiest moment of their life. From marketing their parks to television show and how they get giving Joys to each family. The Disney brothers only started as a cartoons the only thing is that their biggest money maker is that when they did Mackey Mouse, from asses to now that Mackey mouse is everyone favorite and this one of the biggest marketing that they have.

It is not hard to market Disney because they are well known from the attraction and shows that they have. The quality of the work that they have and how they make families happy is where there get most of there marketing strategy. Disney company have seven magical marketing lessons that they share to other business who is willing to learn; “brand everything, let your customer e lazy, take the dumb money, offer everyday surprises, don’t prevent the inevitable, reassure nervous Nellie, give idiot proof directions” (R.

Bargain Feb.. 2013). In every business they should have a good marketing team. Without their marketing team it is harder for them to sell, advertise any product that they want to show the world. Just like Samsung, Apple and Disney they have a good marketing team to make sure that they are always on top of the market looking what are new and what else they could provide for the consumer. Always analyzing how they going they going to sell their rotgut.