Demonstrated continuation

With reference to the job description of the management analyst, which KSAOs would you measure via interview?  A skill that could be measured during the interview process is active listening. Active listening involves giving full attention and taking the time to understand what others are saying. This is a skill that could be measured during the interviewing process by observing if the interviewee understands the questions, and if he or she asks for clarification otherwise. Interviewers can also measure fluency of ideas and oral composition. It is the ability to come up with a number of ideas about a topic and the ability to listen and understand information that is spoken in words. When the interviewee is asked to answer a question, interviewers can measure the composition, flow of the ideas and how well the interviewee understood the question.

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Identify at least two clarifiers and two skill-level determiner questions for each of the two resumes give to you? Diana Huynh’s resume was ambiguous in certain areas and it had to be addressed to her. For example two clarifiers that were used: 1) I can see from your resume that you updated “my future” website. What is this website and can you give me more insight on this? 2) What did you mean by acted as a “bank” for the amusement park? Two skill level questions that could be asked: 1) Say you are analyzing different forms and data and there was a slight discrepancy in the data that was given to you. What could be a possible error? 2) What would be a key tool that you would use to analyze data?

Danish Zahid clarifier questions: 1) I can see from the resume that you are a navel officer of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. In your resume you stated that you teach objectives to new recruits, what types of objectives do you teach to the new recruits? 2) You received the salesmen of the month award while working at The Bay; can you tell me more about it? Skill-level determiner questions: 1) I can see from your resume that you are proficient in Microsoft Excel. This is a program that we use quite often, how would create a standard report? 2) Working at PCI Geomatics you have learned to balance the daily cash flow, we have a similar system applied to our inventory and cost analysis. What do you think would be a likely cause if our inventory and overhead costs are under allocated?

Using your in-class group effort as a basis, identify at least 2 past-focused and 2 future-focused questions that you used in your mock interview? When identifying questions involving critical incidents, identify benchmark answers and anchors. Indicate whether you would use the typical answer or the key issue approach to benchmark your answers and why? The first question: Describe a situation in which you helped a person set a goal and then supported the person to achieve that goal. What was the goal and how did you help? This is not a critical incident question so there is room for numerous answers.

– Effectively communicates the goal that he or she has helped. – Demonstrated continuation of support until goal was attained The second question: Describe a situation when you demonstrated initiative and took action without waiting for direction. – demonstrated initiative by seeking alternatives on own In this question the interviewer is listening for the interviewer to demonstrate initiative on own. The third question: When allocating resources and balancing budget there must have been times where you ran into discrepancies and the budgets did not balance. How did you handle this situation?

Benchmark Answers  – recognized the need to fix the problem – took initiative and searched for the errors in budget – acknowledged that fact that outside help may be needed  – acknowledged that he or she would be more careful in future when allocating and balancing budget Question four: Imagine you are working on a team based project and the team was having difficulty agreeing on a decision, what would you do to facilitate consensus?

Demonstrated strong commitment and perseverance – contribution as team members to work to a common goal Question five: Imagine you have a co-worker that has a habit of interrupting you at staff meetings. In the past you’ve waited for her to finish and bring up your point again, only to have her interrupt once more. As a result, you often leave important meetings feeling frustrated because your issues were not addressed. How do you address this issue?

Acknowledged that this is a serious problem – recognized the need to speak to the person about this issue – demonstrated honesty in communicating information – the issue was dealt in a professional manner – there was no confrontation  Question six: Imagine you are in a situation where you are approaching a deadline for a project and you know that there is no way you will be finished in time. How would you handle this situation? – realization that the project can not be finished – widened the options by going to other people for help – spoke to the person in charge for an extension How did you evaluate the performance of the applicants you interviewed in terms of your benchmark answers? Include your scoring sheet and the interviewees’ responses to each question.