Describe and explain the social,economic

Describe and explain the social and economic impacts of an ageing population Having an ageing population means that there is a high dependency ratio as more people have to be supported by the working population. This means that there are a lot of social and economic impacts. An ageing population means that you collect less tax and give out more pensions. This creates a high decency ratio. For example in east Devon the decency ratio is over 54%. Since there are more old people there is an increased pressure on public services for example hospitals and hospices a there is a Geiger demand more e. Hip replacements and cataracts. This also means that more people are needed to care for the elderly so there will have to be more careers and nurses in training. Also more people will act as unpaid careers for their own elderly family members, putting pressure on them socially and financially. An elderly population also means there is a greater need for transport as old people aren’t able to drive. There has be companies e. G the ring and ride buses in east Devon which picks them up from their homes.

This also makes for a better community as they old be socially isolated. Having an old population also effects the types of shops on the high street for example there will be more charity stores. Also sure to the unequal distribution of older people there will be a higher proportion of care homes for example McCarthy and Stone which is a housing complex for old people. They have facilities such as help lines etc.. This helps socially as there are dining rooms in which they all socialism. An ageing population could also reduce population growth or population decline.

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The working population may have fewer children because hey already have older dependents, leading to the reduction in birth rates. It could also mean that the elderly will have a longer working life as the state pension is low because there are so many retired people in that area. It is often not enough to support people in their retirement so some may have to work beyond the normal retirement age to build up personal pensions or savings. It can cause also a lot of economic problems for example increased taxes as pensions and services e. G. The ring and ride busses are paid by taxes.

Also as there is a greater proportion of older people claiming pensions and support could mean higher taxes for the working population. Also since here is a smaller proportion of the population working it will mean that there will be slow economic growth in that area. Political issue- elderly issues will be important to voters e. G. National change in pensions or heating allowances. Immigration laws may be relaxed to encourage people of working age to enter country. Describe and explain the social,economic and political consequences of an ageing population By ventricular