Describe how physical and economic factors

Fourteenth is an example of rapid stabilization. I believe that the main reason why Fourteenth is an overcrowded coast is because of its physical factor; it’s on the coast, with a 7-mile long, sandy beach. This means potential for stunning beach views, which has been attracting a lot of retiring people who are looking to downsize and move to the coast with out leaving to travel aboard. The warm climate is also a bonus, Fourteenth being the second warmest place in England, with mild winters expiring little snow and frost.

This also attracts holiday makers, not Just people who are looking to move, so during the summer seasons specially Vermouth’s coasts become even busier as hotel, apartments bed and breakfasts and even campers come down to catch the nice weather they may not be experiencing at home, without having to spend a fortune aboard. Fourteenth also has easy access to amenities, such as leisure centers, shopping centers, cinemas and theatres interesting people of all ages. The area also attracts commuters as it has its own airport meaning there is no such need to travel to other cities to catch a plane.

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It also means that if foreign people are looking to come to an English coastal area, it is ere popular as it has its own airport and has beaches close by. During the sass’s regeneration of the train station took place, and by upgrading the system, London is just 2 hours away. Fourteenth also has great road links such as AAA, AWAY, linking Fourteenth motorways with other A roads and the MOM. Fourteenth is also renown for its pier half way between the 7-mile stretch of beach.

As well as its stunning views of Barbecue hills and isle of white, it also has a wide variety of attractions, entertainment and retails. Despite being so popular however, Fourteenth currently has plans of regeneration certain parts such as the pier; a ewe spa village and they are also closely focusing on sports and leisure. However despite the rapid growth of population verging on being a problem I believe that regenerating certain parts, which are aimed at attracting tourists, is only going to worsen the situation.

There are also economic factors, which are making Fourteenth a crowded coast. There is plenty of spare land that is available which now has planning permission to be developed on and financial support is being provided. This land will have houses constructed on, which means there will be an increase to the amount to people that vive in Fourteenth adding to the forever-growing population. However wages are low but this doesn’t affect people who live here, as housing is considerably cheaper then the rest of the I-J despite where it’s situated.

This also means that people can buy more for their money and a standard 4-bedroom house will be relatively cheaper then if you were to buy one in Bath for example! Fourteenth is also attracting the retired who are looking to downsize, but still get good value for their money. Bed and Breakfasts being set up as small businesses are also becoming increasingly popular or the older generation, because as houses are cheaper its easier to do so and a small income is also made by doing something which may Just be a hobby. Previous Brownfield sites have also be regenerated along with empty land producing even more housing.

This housing is surrounding old Victorian buildings and there has been debate whether not it is suitable to build new housing, as it is unlikely that it will fit in with the current. The reason why so many sites are getting developed is due to the demand for more housing. These houses would not be being constructed if here wasn’t a need, and as they have estimated the population to keep on expanding this extra housing is a must. Fourteenth is an example of coastal squeeze. This is when the city is squeezed between urban areas on one side and rural on the other.

But obviously new houses can’t keep being constructed on empty land, as before long its ‘green space’ with in the city and around will become significantly low. Fourteenth also has its own highly rated university attracting a lot of applications and students each year. Of these students, the majority who qualify are skilled graduates with a high degree. Fourteenth university having a good reputation interests more people in going, meaning that there are more students interested In going each year adding to the overcrowding.

A huge economic reason why Fourteenth is becoming crowded is due to the service sector including banking, finance and tourism has grown hugely with a higher demand for employment, the biggest demand being for financial. It was recorded that in 2003 18,300 people were employed in the financial industry in Fourteenth. Barclay, Portion Group and Abbey Life have their offices in the near by town of Poole, whilst JP Morgan Chase has large office on the edge of the city, and smaller ones with in; employing over 4000 people.

Overall I believe that the main reason that Fourteenth has become a crowded coast is due to the first physical reason I mentioned, where it is located. With such good views and stunning beaches this was the main reason why people first moved here and is a key reason in why people still do. Along side with this there are also other factors but of which I believe have Just grown and triggered from the stunning scenery. Being surrounded by other key cities such as Poole, it makes Fourteenth even more successful with trade businesses as well.