Describe the physical and economic factors

There are various reasons why Fourteenth is desirable and has attracted so many people. Fourteenth seems to have a certain charm that other British characteristics that many other seaside towns fail to offer. Fourteenth is situated on a Jurassic world heritage coastline meaning that it offers a beauty that other coastlines lack and people are aware of its beauty. Also, many ewe families are drawn to the area as they believe that it is a good area to raise a family, and that it holds good and secure prospects.

Additionally, people like to feel safe and have nice surroundings, and Fourteenth has these nice surroundings. The middle class families that choose towns such as Fourteenth, like the fact that they are so close to beautiful pastures and cycle paths through the forests, as Cities such as London lack these facilities, which Fourteenth has in excelling amounts. The fact that Fourteenth is such an attractive area to relocate when wanting to ease a family is one of the physical aspects as to why Fourteenth has become a crowded coast.

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Coastal areas are also notorious for retirement target areas. A lot of the elderly people move to the coast after they have retired, which means that it will become heavily populated. As our population is ageing, it means that more influxes of elderly people will be moving to coastal areas in large numbers. This means that the grey pound will be spent in these coastal areas, which gives local businesses a higher level of income. More businesses will therefore be opened as local governments will have more money to spend on attracting new businesses.

More varied businesses will attract higher levels of different groups of people, so more people will come into the area, therefore increasing the number of people on the coast. I believe that the main reason why Fourteenth is an overcrowded coast is because of its physical factor; it’s on the coast, with a 7-mile long, sandy beach. This means that it has the potential for stunning beach views, which has been attracting a to of retiring people who are looking to downsize and move to the coast without leaving to travel aboard.

The warm climate is also a bonus to many people, Fourteenth being the second warmest place in England, with mild winters that expire little snow and frost. This good weather and nice facilities also attract holiday makers, not Just people who are looking to move, so during the summer seasons especially Vermouth’s coasts become even busier as hotel, apartments bed and breakfasts and even campers come down to catch the nice weather they may not be experiencing at home, without having to spend a fortune aboard.

Fourteenth also has easy access to amenities, such as leisure centers, shopping centers, cinemas and theatres interesting people of all ages. The area also attracts commuters as it has its own airport meaning there is no such need to travel to other cities to catch a plane. It also means that if foreign people are looking to come to an English coastal area, it is very popular as it NAS its own airport and NAS beaches close by.