Development Activities in the Early Years of a Child

Development activities of an early years setting. For each one explain how both the parents and the children can benefit. We always make parents welcome to stay and help In any of our sessions. This would give the parents a chance to see their child in a different environment and also to help parents gain the knowledge on how to progress the child in a steady way. It would be good for the child to be able to show their parents around and all the work they do, the child might gain pride in their work.

This would also give the parents a chance to ask questions and to join in on a session. You could also get the parents/ careers to bring In baby photos to help with the all about me actively within the sessions, you could also ask parents from a different ethnic background to come and talk to the children about their culture and festivals they may celebrate. This would help the class to understand the different cultures of their friends and why they might do things In a different way to how they would maybe expect.

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The child would be proud of their parent/career for talking to the class and would help them to understand that everyone Is deferent and that you might need to help your friend to understand with explaining the different thing In a culture. Parents are also given the opportunity to volunteer to help In all actively but especial the off site ones Like the sponsored bike ride we do every year to help raise funds for new equipment within the pre school. This would be good for the children to see their parents / careers supporting them and cheering them on to keep peddling.

Parents / careers are also asked to help with the off site Christmas church session we do singing Christmas carols which the children have learnt within the class. A parental career would find this notionally pleasing to watch and listen their child whilst Joining In with their peers to sing. A child would be happy and might even sing louder so to make sure parents/ careers can hear them. We also offer Key worker meeting at any time which would fit around the parents to chat about the development and for any thing which the parents might have concerns about or could do at home to help the child progress within their development.

With all our parents meeting, as a practitioner I find nearly all parents have one common concern which Is, my child should be doing that because blab blab Is. With this we try to encourage all parents that their child Is an Individual and all children develop at there own pace and will develop at an individual rate. B) Identity three or more ways In which you can encourage parents to participate more in the learning and development activities at your setting. Write about the activities which help the child develop and learn.

Remember some parents cannot come into the session so your suggestions must include things for working parents or parents who cannot read or write. Within our pre-school we have a bear in which the children are asked to take home for the weekend. With this the children and parents can draw pictures stick in photos and if they like write a diary for the weekend, on what they have done with the bear. When the children bring back the bear to the pre-school the children can do a show and tell to all their class mates.

This would help the parent and child to work together and would help the child develop their social development, creative development and emotional development. We also try to encourage parents to Join in on world book day to sit with the children and look through some book and read together, Just to enjoy looking and listening to story’s. This helps a child develop their language, social and creative, knowledge and understanding depending on what book is read. It would also be good for the parents to read a story form the pictures in the book and encourage the children to Join in with the make up story.

You could also send home a song book so the parents can learn the songs their child sings at school. This might help the parents and child form a bond singing song together that the child enjoys singing at school. We also do a weekly dance session that we try to encourage parents to Join in and this would also be good for the parents that can’t dead or struggle. During our dance sessions we sing all the songs so the parents can learn in a session the songs the children enjoy singing.

Within a pre-school a lot of the parents like to know what songs the child is singing, this is I feel because children go home after a day at pre-school and sing song and some times a parent may not know the song the child is singing. I am also looking in to one of my own key children at the moment who need a little encouragement with their colors. I have talked to their parents and also my other team members and have decided to send said child mom with a color square on a Friday; the child is to look for things in the home with their parent of the same color.

I’m hoping that the child will see this as a game and will enjoy learning the colors at home. This would give the parent the biggest role with the child learning through a game at home with their parents. A child will enjoy learning this way; a child really enjoys playing games and enjoys it even more if either parents or a parent play with them as fun. A child won’t see this as work Just as enjoyment at home with mummy or daddy. B) Evaluate how effective you are at getting parents involved in the learning and placement of their children.

In my opinion when dealing with the parents you should always chose the correct words as not to upset the parents in any way. It you build a g relationship with the parents they are more willing to take on board what you have to say. When I get new key child I would always start with a one to one meeting with the parents and listen to any concerns they might have and also to where they would like to help their child progress in their development. I believe a parent is the only person who truly knows what their child is all about.

So form this I like to gain as much of the parents knowledge of their child as possible. I do this in a couple of ways one of which being an all about me form, we ask the parents to fill this in about the child likes and dislikes what helps them when they get upset and also what they enjoy doing example they like playing games so I would use this information to help the child to develop. My main aim is to gain and give in return the utmost respect to every child’s parents and treat them all as individuals.

I would also make sure I am around as much as possible so if the parents do have any concerns no matter how big or small I m able to listen and help them to understand or find a solution to the posing problem they feel they have. I would also make appetite times to take the parents through their child’s individual file talking through the child development and if any the areas the child needs a little help in to gain the knowledge they need to move to their next goal.

At the pre-school we also hold an open parents evening and this gives the parents a chance to look around the class at all the work and the photos taken over the last six months. We take this chance to so and talk the parents through the talking tub book we do within our setting. This is a good way for the parents to see their child’s thinking and understanding of the world. I believe to get a parent involved fully you need to be able to have good communication skills which I think I do.

You also need to make the tasks you send home simple so as parents don’t struggle to fit it in when they are having busy family time. My over all believes are if you treat all parents with time and consideration and give them the respect they deserve as a parent you can work together as a team and this is how I believe you get the parents to help and Join in with the child’s development and learning.