Development Can Be Defined In More Than One Way

Social development Includes political participation, personal freedom and quality of life, Gullet in 1971 recognized this and believed the three core values of development to be; life sustenance, self-esteem and freedom he thought these should be above other economic development factors. Some countries consider their social development to be more Important than their economic development, for example Bhutan. In Bhutan, in 1972 the King coined the term NH (Gross National Happiness) saying ‘Gross National Happiness Is more important than Gross National Product’.

NH takes into account mental, physical, social, workplace, political and environmental Wellness’ of the country. New measures are being more frequently used Like HID (Human Development Index) and or GEM (Gender Empowerment Measure) to measure social development of a country. Sustainable development Is Increasingly being used as a way of defining development. Through sustainable development we need to meet the needs to the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet heir own needs.

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The World Bank’s sets out the three pillars of sustainable development’ to be economic growth, environmental stewardship and social inclusion. If a country promotes environmental stewardship meaning taking responsibility for the protection of the natural environment through conservation. If all the different components of development are considered be that the economic, social and environmental, then Costa Rica could be considered to be the most ‘developed’ des It has d 78. Year life expectancy (higher than the US), one of the sights literacy rates in the world, has been named as the happiest nation and 99% of their electricity coming from renewable resources all with using only a quarter of the resources that the western world typically uses. Development Can Be Defined In More Than One Way By Katie Development can be defined in more than one way. Discuss. The most developed countries are usually considered to be the USA, Japan, the I-J and Germany as they economically it is then therefore developing.