Development Gap in Today’s World

Development Gap in the world Development gap is the gulf between rich and poor nations when measured using economic yardsticks, such as GAP/GNP per caplet. The development gap in the world is stunningly wide and has been worsening over the years. * The bottom of the world’s GAP constitutes to only 1% of the world’s total GAP, whereas the top 20% constitutes 86%. (End of asses) The development gap in the world can be illustrated using the North-South divide. The North-South divide is broadly considered a socio- economic and political divide. The North consists of North America, Western Europe,

Australia, and Japan, which are considered rich economies. The South is made up of Africa, Latin America and Asia, which are considered to be poorer economies. 95% of the North has enough food and shelter. 95% of the North has enough food and shelter * In more economic terms. The North-?with one quarter tooth world population-?controls four fifths of the world income. Inversely, the South-?with three quarters of the world populations-?has access to one fifth of the world income. However, the North-South divide does have its limitations ;n Illustrating the development gap as well.

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Economic wealth in the south is extremely diverse, ranging room global scales Like Singapore to poor landlocked countries Like the Maldives. But It is still largely true that the south consist mainly of emerging economies and NINES. The north on the other hand has its variation in economic wealth as well. 1/7 of the people living In the US, one of the richest nations In the world located In the north, are living in poverty ( under $2 USED a day Another method to illustrated the gap would be to divide the world Into Five-fold division based on wealth