Development in adolescence

Many young ladies may not notice their physical changes until they’re teenagers, which is the time they would’ve reached the adult A female’s growth In height and weight changes drastically from 9-15 years of age, Also during this change females begin menstrual periods as well breast. The males don’t get to experience menstrual period. However, they do notice the growth of their scrotum, and testicles. Then they begin to have wet dreams which is when they start puberty. Scrotum growth and testicles are seen or noticed at the age of 9, but the wet dreams doesn’t tuck until they’re between the ages to 13 and 17.

Leg, chest, tactical and armpit hair is also deiced around this tile_ The physical changes that occur with adolescence also makes them feel self-conscious around peers. This causes them to worry about their appearance while establishing an identity for themselves. When was a teenager and had to go through female changes I would constantly go Into the bathroom Just to see If I was presentable. Having my menstrual period was the hardest time for me because always felt like something was on my pants or needed to change my napkin every 30 minutes. 2.

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Peer pressure is an influence and is harmful when one suicides to use It In a negative way. For an example, doing harmful things too person because another person said you should is a negative sign of peer pressure. The use of peer pressure is easily utilize on individuals with low self-esteem who may want to tit in they sometimes get involved with the wrong crowd. Being surrounded by a negative crowd can lead to drug usage, criminal charges and a major decrease In academic achievements. Luckily there a certain goodness in peer pressure, but it always depends on the type of company one keeps.

Positive peer pressure can be rods of encouragement, directing someone onto the correct path and helping one accomplish their short or long term goals. This will be helpful to an Individual If they choose to have positive peer pressure surrounding them they should be more likely to become stressful as well as achieving the unexpected. Many adolescence do not Like for their parents to pick their friends. Therefore, we as parents must Instill values in our children minds and show them the correct path before someone else with negative intention get a hold to them. 3.

In late adulthood as an individual begins to GE changes occur in the brain. There are two changes that occur biological and psychological. It has been reported that due to aging In the late adulthood a decrease In working memory is a major factor for bad performance by the elderly, Next, the response speed start to decline which is dangerous if an elderly person is driving their reaction time will not be accurate and can result In an accident. Psychological change may occur in later years. It includes some degree to atrophy to the brain which will decrease the rate of neutral processes.

An individual experiencing these changes are most likely to have a less efficient respiratory and circulator system. In most cases the gastrointestinal tract will increase constipation which can cause difficulty in the release of gas. The one thing Vive notice about aging is how bone mass diminishes among women leading to osteoporosis. If a person exercise the muscle will become stronger if there’s no physical activity involve the muscle weakens. For instance, I have problems with both of my knees for the past four years. Lately, Vive been working out at a gym to build body muscles and strength s well as toning my body fat.

I’m 33 years old and I must go to see a Rheumatoid doctor so he/she may investigate the cause. Unfortunately, a women doesn’t have to wait until she’s elderly to experience changes, because our changes start occur in our early ass’s. 4. The cognitive functions are most affected is attention and memory. There is evidence which suggests that memory and attention tends to hold up well with age, however some aging individuals may decline changes due to aging doesn’t always mean you’re not living a healthy life and it doesn’t affect everyone the same.

In today’s society and healthy adult will only experience a particular type of memory deficit’s, while other types of the memory remain intact or improve with age. During past times many people believed that all older individuals suffered memory loss hearing, and their sense of smell due to the changes that accompanies them while aging. I don’t think I’m an elderly or semi older individual, but there are times when I can’t remember what I was about to do or what I was recently thinking of. At times this really upset me and leads me to believe that I may develop AL timers.