Development of Bilbo’s Character

Well, for one thing, he leaves his home to go on a wild adventure. He wasn’t happy about traveling away from the Shire, and the dwarfs were frustrating, too. He took a bold step in trusting Gangland, and was brave to leave all that food behind. But, he was brave, and along the way he proved useful to them all. He became a leader, a hero, and discovered that there is more to life than sitting at home with loads of food and tepid tea.

Bilbo’s heroic deeds are all the more remarkable because they fail to change him. He discovers capabilities that had been unknown to him, but he does to become arrogant or relinquish his values. In his final conversation with Bilbo, Thorn acknowledges the value of the simple lives of hobbies, even In a world marked by grim heroism and danger. Though Bilbo learns to thrive in this outer world, he draws strength from the simple source that guided his heroic quest.

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His decision to return to Hobble toward the end of the novel Indicates that, despite his newfound heroism, Bilbo has stayed true to himself all along. But by the end of the book, his eyes have been opened to the world outside of the shire, and he has an understanding of different parts of the world as well as deferent people (elves, dwarves, dragons, to name a few) in the world. Also, his sense of adventure grows throughout the book.

Throughout Bilbo’s adventure he goes from being inherent to courageous, fierce, confident and heroic, example when he fight off the Great Spider to save his friends (dwarfs) he names the sword he uses to fend off the Spider “Sting” and he says that he himself feels more confident and fierce, from there he Just progress to become stronger and at the end Gangland says to Bilbo from that you can ell that Gangland has seen the changes, most of the changes come from the ways he saves everyone and it also starts when he finds the ring because in in beginning he doesn’t want to be an adventurer Just to stay at home but at the end he’s (Bilbo) glad he did stay and do this treasure hunting adventure. “Go back? ” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!