Development of deformities

Diagnosis and Treatment of Motor Disabilities in Children During this presentation I learned a lot of new things about deformities that I already knew about and about deformities that Vie never even heard of. All of it has to do with the brain development mainly. If something were to go wrong with you and it could be just a small little incident that occurs with your brain then It goes all down hill from there. Cerebral Palsy appears In Infancy to early childhood and permanently affects the body movement and muscles, but it doesn’t worse over time.

Some people think that this deformity is caused by problems of the muscle or nerves, but it’s not. It Is actually caused by abnormalities In parts of the brain that control muscle movements. Children can also get it by trauma at birth, shaken baby syndrome, prematurely, and umbilical cord wrapped around neck of the baby. Majority of children that have Cerebral Palsy are born with It, although the doctors may not realize until months or years later. Traumatic drain Injury Is when you have problems trot the frontal lobe and the occipital lobe to the brain.

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It’s kind to like whiplash. At 2-4 months infants should start to roll over on to there stomachs, hold their head up and also hold their head up steady when being carried. 5-8 months they should be sitting up on their own and standing up on their rowan 9-12 months they should be standing alone and walking alone. With In Toeing it comes more from the hips and makes the child walk “pigeon toed”. In toeing usually causes a slight delay in the child’s crawl, walk and standing. Toe Walk Is when the child walks either on their dippy toes or on the balls of there feet. Lully when children begin to walk they usually do this but if they continue to its either out of habit or caused by Cerebral Palsy or Autism. Club Foot is a range of unusual positions of the foot. The foot is usually smaller than normal, it may point downward, rotated toward the other foot or in extreme cases the bottom of the foot can point up. Club Foot is more common in boys than girls. You always have to have surgery to get this deformity fixed. Leukocyte’s is a defect that usually causes a lot of pain In such a way as grained which Is very heavy painful headaches.

They are mainly Inherited disorders, meaning that it is passed on trot parent to child. They may be inherited in a recessive, dominant, or x-linked manner, depending on the type of leukocyte’s. The ladies from the presentation also stated that there are several deferent types and the same inherited causes all. Genetic Syndrome is another disorder they talked about which Is a disease or disorder that has more than one identifying feature. It usually has many typical features depending on which aspects f development are affected by the abnormal genes or chromosomes.

A child could be born with born with obvious deformities or abnormal organ functions. Many genetic syndrome symptoms start to take place when the baby is born and starts to feed and began to grow. The child could look and act totally normal and parents will never notice there is something wrong until their child started developing symptoms The presenters also talked about Dutchmen Muscular Dystrophy and this disorder ‘ Off the kids nave to get a wheel chair in middle school and by the age to 20 they slowly tart to die from this disorder.

Only males can get this disorder though girls aren’t affected by this disorder at all. Dutchmen Muscular Dystrophy is an inherited disorder that involves muscle weakness, and which it quickly gets worse. The ability to walk starts at 12, but while they are able to walk the children usually are always falling and losing balance when they are up by their selves. She gave us an example of a little boy that they see at the clinic she works at and they had to order him a walker because he keeps falling every time he walks.

Every time he falls he hits his had and it causing him to have concussions and they’re scared he might start breaking bones. This little boy is only six years old. They start to have difficulty breathing and heart problems by 20 so that’s what they mean when they say they slowly start to die. Sadly there is no treatment for this disorder, but they can describe steroids. Even though the steroids aren’t one hundred percent positive that it will help with their muscles. Stoniness’s Imperfects is something similar to this but it occurs with male and female.

You do not die slowly though. When I say they’re similar meaning they don’t have that strong of muscle and they are really clumsy when standing on their own or walking. Usually when they fall they break a bone because this deformity is really meaning brittle bones and bones that break easily. They level your deformity in three different levels. Level one is the most common and is not severe, level two is diagnosed at birth and is the most severe, and level three is not severe at all. This presentation to me was very helpful in what I want to do with my major.

I was tuck in between nursing and pharmacy but this really made me realize that I am to sensitive to work in a field where I have to see hurt children or even adults suffer. I’d rather myself suffer than see others suffer, its Just so sad! I loved learning about different defects and knowing what some kids and families have to go through though. These defects don’t happen to everyone in the world but are possible and it made me realize I have to take care of myself and keep myself healthy so that if I were to have kids I can try to lessen the chance of them have to go through any of these struggles.