Development of Sexual Identity

Final project Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Review the Instructions for the final project in Appendix A. Construct a OHIO- to 1,750-word personal response, analyzing the development of your own sexuality. Address the following topics in your paper: Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course. I think that before I had started this class I really didn’t think of the different types of sexual Identities and honestly didn’t really care too much. Then I started to really think about it and realized that I am ethical relativism and I still stand by that today.

Ethical relativism means, that I reject the idea that there is a single correct moral view. I think this because believe that everyone has a right to choose and have their own moral view. I also think that in my own opinion that everyone that wants to do or say or feel a certain way should be able to and that no matter how much people say it may be wrong they should be able to show how we feel. I have also thought about critical thinking a lot different when It comes to sexuality. I think that we as younger adults, considering I am only 28, need to stop and think about the decisions that we cake as we are growing up.

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Now a days kids are getting younger and younger when they are having their babies, but the problem is that they are still babies themselves. They are ruing their lives and In some cases their baby’s lives as well. Society needs to stop with all the media and showing the good things with babies and show the more negative things. With me though if I would have known what know now I do not think that I would have had a child at 20, but no matter what I would not change It for anything and I know It Is hard but In my opinion It was and Is worth It. ;

Describe the effect of environment and historical perspectives on your sexuality. In the environment that I was raised, I was raised to be tough and to be a manly man. My father really did not like gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual people and even treated them like they were nothing. I understand that it I was gay I would have been ;dies- owned” and probably thrown out of the family, I did though have a lesbian cousin and I think that it must be the way my dad and his family were raised because her dad was very, very rude and really disheartening towards her.

Being that my dad is Native American and his family is very proud I think that just being raised around this type of family and their values can really affect you as a person. I think that the historical perspectives have really had no influence on me personally because I think that we should learn from the past and historical events but we can choose whether or not to actually use them in our lives or make our lives ;our lives’ that we live. ; Discuss the development of your gender Identity.

A few things that have helped me in determining my gender identity are that I have always felt that I need to take care of my family and to do my best when I am trying, his is one of the reasons that I chose to go back to school and further my education tofu and try to get a better Job where I can earn more money and tell better financially secure about our future. I always feel that growing up my dad did a lot of working and really never spent time with us kids and I was always told that it was because he needed to take care of us kids and the family.

And if I have gotten anything from him it was that taking care of your family was the first and most important thing to do. Another is that I am a sports fanatic and love the competition that comes with it. While watching TV. Hen I was younger I really never got what was happening but I knew that my dad did it so I thought it was the right thing to do. And when our team lost he was disappointed and really showed, so I thought that was normal activity, but I know now that it is Just a game and am now teaching my son that it is k to loose but having fun is the main goal.

And lastly, and one of the most important things that I would say helped me with my gender identity was that growing up boys were the ;tough” ones and the girls were the ;weak’ ones of course now that I am older I know that this untrue and that some girls are in fact stronger than some guys. Even though now that I think about it I and how wrong I really was I Just laugh about it because we were kids and it was only the perception of other kids that influenced me. ; Analyze the effect of attraction and love in your relationships.

I think that the effect that attraction has had on me in my relationships has a lot of who I dated when I was younger. I used to see a girl that I felt was attractive and try to ask her out on a date. Then as I got older I used to see a girl that was attractive to me and I would try to take her out and start a relationship with her based solely on the first initial attraction. I understand that a real and stable relationship takes a whole lot more than Just looks to be a successful relationship and to be serious.

I now am married to the most wonderful women on this planet and really and truly understand love. She is my best friend, my lover, and my world. We have nothing in common but that is what makes it so much fun, every day we either try something different or Just hang out together. Being different I think is Just like people say ;opposites attract” well in our case it has and I believe that life could not get any better. To me love really means something a to deeper than to other people.

To me it means to love unconditionally and no matter what you do not give up on that person Just because you or they are mad. So when I say ;l love you” I really mean it with all my heart and it is not Just a turn of phrase to me, like some of these kids that Just through it out there to Just say it. ; Discuss another topic of this course that is interesting and useful to you. Relate this topic to your life. I think that after taking this course another topic that has interested me and really related to my life is that of child and sexual molesters.

The reason that this topic has really interested me is because I personally think that these men and women are very mentally and physically sick people. I think that these people should be giving help but only if they admit that they have done wrong and need the help. Now some people that think that this may be something they need to say to get out of Jail or whatever else that they are being held in, but they are only saying this to get out and are more than likely going to roofed and hurt someone else’s child or them personally by raping them.

I think that we as a society need to make a law that is a en strike for these offenders and be put away for life. I have a child and I know that being a father and if one was to hurt or molest my son I would be engulfed with rage that may not be able to hold back it I met the person who d d it. So in my opinion I think that this would not only be looking out for the children but for the person who did this and to the parents or loved ones that the sex offender has done this to.

Many people think that there should be either stricter rules for sex offenders and some think that the laws are fine as long as they register as a sex offender, but I think that story has shown that many of them go out and roofed and hurt another child or person. So instead of stopping this while we could at the first time that they did it we let them out and they go out and destroy another life. I think that this is Just too risky and should leave them in the prisons to live their life out.

An idea that I would suggest is that maybe build a facility on an island to serve as a place to put offenders and let them live a normal life but far, far away from people they may hurt and the children they may hurt. Now that I am done with this class I will still be doing my own research on a lot of he things that we have learned here and I hope to be able to pass them on not only to my kids but to anyone that may want to learn about this as well.

This class has not only taught me a lot but it has opened my eyes to things that I may have never known or even thought about learning. I thank you and I hope that one day I may be able to share this with people to ensure that we understand our bodies and how they work, and what to do when things happen to us. Format your personal response consistent with PAPA guidelines. Post your personal response as an attachment.