Development & personality essay

Tiffany Anyway “Development & Personality “Paper period 3 Mr.. McCormick Development psychology is the study of change that occurs as an individual matures; this could affect an individual’s personality. A personality is the consistent, enduring and unique characteristics of a person. Although the personality never changes, It could be Influenced by an individual’s development. A large influence of a person’s personality is their sexual development. The body is going through so many changes and the person, in him or herself is trying to figure out who he or she really

Is. Sexual development usually occurs as a young adult and mostly through love relationships. Based on Erik Erosion’s theory of psychosocial development there are conflicts as an individual goes through the changes associated with this stage. Based on society, females, usually between the ages of 14- 19 (teens to young adulthood) go through many difficult changes based on their sexual development. Sexual behaviors in the teenage years are usually considered as cohort and ethic differences.

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Everyone has their own beliefs and ideas of how things should be, what s right from wrong, what could be done and what shouldn’t be done. Many people see things differently from how others see them. One could think something Is okay to do while another person completely looks down upon it. Because of society, many females go through the pressure of making the right decisions while their body is going through many physical, emotional and mental changes. While hormones are raging, females are suppressed to be under birth control or control how they feel.

Some people thinks female should be on birth control Just because she will be safe, mom thinks female shouldn’t be on birth control because It either gives her the right to have sex or because of the long term effects. Some people believe in abstinence while others believe in sate sex. Viewing females during their sexual development period, If they are Influenced by people that think everything Is bad and shouldn’t be done, the females tend to be more rebellious or trying things making them under the hard pressures of society.

However, females that are under the influence of the people that think that most things are beneficial and not harmful to do don’t go Hough the hard pressures of society. Female Sexual development Is interesting in the fact that it Influences their personality in many different ways. It’s interesting how either being suppressed by society opinions could affect their personality in a negative way, but being on the positive side of society that doesn’t Just can have a positive effect on their personality. It is important to find and evaluate these beliefs and effects to see how it could be fixed.

It may not be able to be fixed through society but definitely through the male’s point of view. Ways could be discovered on how to help a female overcome ‘Off the pressures society places on their decisions making. Also there is a gain to knowledge of how females think about their own lives, how they feel, what they want, and what influences their decision making based on the changes they are going through. The purpose of this study is to find out what effects sexual development on an individual’s personality.

It can be highly influenced by ones surrounding, ethics, culture, beliefs, religion and many more influences. These effects can be very positive or very negative on their personality. With society today, it is more likely to be a negative influence, especially on a female. The information found can be beneficial to others in the sense that what they learned from the fin dings can be a guiding light in their decision making. They may learn how their mistakes could be prevented and how they could be improved on. Sexual development has a strong influence on a humans thoughts and behaviors.