Development Studies Notes

The concept of development Is neither new nor old; this means that It Is an evolving and dynamic concept which takes up new means. ;None the less development as a concept has been used In different contexts. Whatever the context the concept of development stands for change or a state of condition which up through a process of changes. The term development is largely used in relation to unman beings for these reason scholars tend to talk societal development this implies desirable changes by human beings. ;Development has no meaning in literature; each understanding is dependent on groups of individuals. ;This is because development is a complex phenomenal I. E. Difficult to understand. ;Generally speaking, the tendency has been to define development in terms of national output / economic growth. But development Is much more than economic Roth development also Implies meeting or satisfying people’s basic needs through the provision of basic social services such as e. G. Good education, sanitation, safe drinking water, social security. ;t also Implies promoting social development, political development, administrative development, cultural development and so on. This means that development is a multidimensional concept. Development is a complex and multidimensional concept.