Developmental Analysis

The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply a working knowledge of the theories, terminology, and concepts of Human Growth and Development, You will discuss your oven development over your lifetime and how It relates to the developmental concepts discussed throughout the semester. You are to analyze your life as it relates to the keys aspects of human growth and development. What are key developmental times In your life and the Influencing factors that led to ho you are today?

You are to incorporate your empirical studies related to your chosen developmental aspect of your life. Also, use the readings, videos, or presentations you viewed to support what you propose about your own development in your paper. Depending on your life and the influences, there may be more attention placed during one period of time. Remember to include your spiritual development supported by the readings from The Handbook of Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescences.

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You are encouraged to glean information from your mother about her pregnancy with you to see if there were any notable Issues during that time. In addition, obtain as much Information as you can about any significant events in your early childhood years. How did you do in those key developmental years? Did you approach all developmental milestones with ease, or were there challenges? Since this Is a comprehensive paper. You will address your development across your lifespan. Finally, you will conclude your paper with addressing any current lifestyle behaviors that may influence your aging process.

You are to address these Issues, how they will affect your aging process, and then address what you plan to do about it. The body of the paper is to be 8-10 pages (excluding Title Page, Abstract, and References). Five points will be deducted for every page the assignment Is short. If the assignment Is 7 pages, 5 points will be deducted, 6 pages 10 points deducted, 5 pages 15 points deducted, and so on. This assignment is to be completed adhering strictly to current PAPA format.

Points will be lost for poor taxation use and poor use of empirical knowledge to support the author’s thoughts (you will not have an “A” paper without proper PAPA format, and without proper citations you will not have a “B” paper. ). You must include at least 8-10 relevant sources In your paper (among them at least 7 empirical articles) that were written no earlier than 2005, unless that citation is linked to an author whose work is seminal to your topic. This assignment is to be submitted through Seafaring by 11:59 p. M. (ET) on Sunday of Module,’Week 7.