Developmental Task

Early Adulthood Preparing for an economic career, Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior – Selecting a mate As a person who recently traversed the road from adolescence to early adulthood, I had encountered various problems which I believe had also been encountered by my age mates. Nonetheless, allow me to narrate the problems that my childhood bestrides had faced. Growing up as an adolescent, much is being expected from her.

She had struggled hard in order to keep up with the society standards that her mother had built around her. Their humble house became a hangout for anyone who series to gamble with games like mahjong’s and tong-its. Most of the time, she had been humiliated by her mother in front of a crowd. Along with that, her mother would also curse and swear words at her. There was even a time when she questioned why her daughter didn’t become like me. So there was really a comparison moment between the both of us.

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This started when we were still children until we became teenagers. Gradually, I realized during my general psychology class that events like these could actually decrease the self-esteem of a person. When she decided to take Nursing as a preparation for economic career, she was then being scourged by her mother and was constantly being criticized that she doesn’t have the intelligence to take such course because she was stupid. Although she wasn’t able to get a bachelor’s degree, she still desires to get one.

Nevertheless, she was able to get a Job but felt short in achieving a socially responsible behavior when she got a pre-marital baby. On one way or another, the child is her responsibility now, together with her mate. But the dilemma has also something to do with her mate. She confessed that she regretted rushing things with him. Proposed solution: I believe that in order to properly address the problem, one has to delve into the root cause of it.

As to my personal standpoint, how her mother raised her partly has something to do with how she reacted socially as she grew up. Parents need to know how crucial the development of a child is, for it also shapes them holistically. Parents may undergo constant seminars about Parenting. There is also a need to re-orient the mind of the youth with regards to selecting a mate as well as letting them understand and delve more into the consequences that they may face if they do inappropriate things. Developmental Task By Americanization