Different product categories

This report included three advertisements evaluations of different product categories. With FCB Grid, the inducement of advertisers’ strategies in these advertising has been revealed clearly. The emphasis on different issues as information (learn), attitude (feel) and behavior (do) in consumer process due to the applicability of various products categories, which classified by involvement and think/feel as two dimensions according to Vaughn’s theory. The combination with specific emphasis on different hierarchy effect and usage of advertising appeals made those advertising works.

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Advertising1: FUJIFILM FinePix F10 Digital Camera This is a press advertising of the one of the latest range of Fuji digital camera, F10. The advertising combined with several classical 70s rock ‘n’ roll images and endorsement of Mick Rock – “The Man Who Shot the Seventies”. 1. General Analysis This advertising of this product appeared on the Q magazine, which is a music and entertainment glossy magazine published monthly in United Kingdom. Q’s readers are interest in pop/rock music; most of them are mature and sophisticated professionals. As the similarity of Q’s readers, the target audiences of the digital camera could be reached by the exposure on the magazine.

This advertising aimed to increase awareness of the new revealed digital camera, and convince consumers the camera could satisfy their specific needs about taking ideal photos. The feature of F10 Digital Camera is the flash-free ability in low light, which means it could cope with the dark, and perfect for taking live pictures and other circumstances which with low light. The advertising appeals to peoples who are professionals aged 25-45, have stable disposal income, interest in rock n roll music, especially be cognitive about 70s. They might like photography and go to gigs frequently. 2. How does it work? Model : Learn –> Feel –> Do (Thinker)

Digital camera is a high price new product combined with latest technology. According to Vaughn’s theory, it makes consumers consider more about cost-utilize and would like to collect adequate information before purchasing. Price, functions are what they concerned to make the purchase decision. This advertising attract consumers’ by the images but then transfer the attention on the outstanding attributes about the product brought out by the credible endorser who might be the influencer of the target group.

This advertising uses those 70s iconic rock star images to attract consumers’ attention. People could recognise these classic photographs of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed immediately. These images expressed a strong impression and remind people of the seventies, the legendary rock stars which might be very important influence of their life. In the middle there is a quotation as the headline of the press advertising – “Sure, I’d like to go back to the 70s…do I get to take a camera too?” It is said by the legendary rock n roll photographer Mick Rock. As well-known by creating the key rock ‘n’ roll images such as those pictures showed in the advertising, Mick Rock undoubted is one of the authorities of photography.

Lower at this page, there is another quotation of Mick Rock about the digital camera. In this text, the feature and benefits of the camera has been revealed by his relative objective review, and said that he is satisfied by the performance of the camera. People could be convinced by his endorsement, because according to the quotation, it seems that he actually has used this product and there is a small portrait of Mick Rock holding a F10 in his hand to prove it. Due to the endorser, consumer would identify this product as a high quality digital camera which could satisfy the professional photographer’s requirements.

Next to the endorsement text, the advertising provided more information about the camera, such as the long time lasting battery and 10 zooms, and some other outstanding attributes which are main functions that people care about. As a high involvement product, consumer needs more information to be convinced to purchase. The EISA award of “European Pocket Camera of the year 05-06” is a virtual evidence to prove the excellence of this camera. Advertising 2: Blacks This is a series of print advertising of Blacks, which is UK’s largest specialist outdoor retailer, selling various ranges of outdoor products. These advertisings appeared on two continuous issues of Q magazine.