Disasters Emergency Committee

Compare two charity appeals and state which one is more likely to persuade you to contribute Researching on the appeals, I have found two items in which I am going to compare. Item one will be the tsunami earthquake, and the charity Disasters Emergency Committee. Item two will be the Hostage Crisis in Beslan, Russia in which there is an appeal to rebuild the school and area. The tsunami earthquake I south East Asia ‘affected hundreds of thousands of people across a dozen countries’, and the D. E. C use this to emphasise the need for help, aid and money.

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Nearly all ‘aid agencies’ are working together to give the best possible help and emergency relief. The appeal is set out to give the opportunity to ordinary people to donate their hard earned cash to aid all that are affected by the tsunami earthquake. Another charity appeal that I have found to compare, the Hostage Crisis in Beslan, Russia. This may not be as colossal as the tsunami earthquake and attractive as far as donating money is concerned, although you should not under estimate the need for help. The money donated by the public will aid the help of ‘psychological and emergency health specialists’.

‘ The fact is that 336 people were killed during a siege on a school. ‘ On September 1st 2004, masked armed fighters stormed the school taking more than a thousand children, their relatives and teachers hostage. ‘Many bodies lie unrecognisable in hospital morgues, disfigured by the explosives that marred the disaster. ‘ The uses of facts are there to underline the appeal and show the public why they should donate. The tsunami earthquake appeal mainly gets straight to the point with large commanding words.

They have a black background to make the advert stand out and there is a prominence on the telephone number, the main source of appealing. The appeal gives many different ways in which you can donate money, ensuring that the public have no excuse to giving. The advert also shows the benefit of donating by saying, ‘They will donate an extra twenty eight pence for every one pond given. ‘ Overall the appeal is very attractive in a way which makes you feel that you have to donate to the cause. The Russian appeal is set out in a way in which it gives the most amount of information about the charity.

This way the people who are donating have a detailed description of what the charity is about and how there money would be spent. The images used in the appeal the appeal give the reader an insight into the tragedy. Some of the pictures show disturbing scenes while others portray a happy feeling, in which this shows the result of the donations. Along with the tsunami appeal the charity gives endless ways in which donating is possible and emphasises the need for this. There are many similarities and differences used in both appeals. The similarities in both adverts are that they are huge appeals but are different in certain ways.

They both use eye-catching words such as’ Disaster’, ‘Hundreds and Thousands Dead’ and Terrifying, although the Russian appeal is more attractive due to the pictures which are used. The tsunami earthquake appeal is different from the other due to the advert being straight to the point, using words which underline the need for help. Compare this to the Russian hostage crisis in which the appeal is in detail and many different ways are given for donations. The information given in this appeal would help the person to get the best knowledge about where their money will be going and how it should help.

The background on the tsunami earthquake advert is black because this colour would put more emphasis on the writing making it more commanding. There is similar use of colour in the other appeal, this time red is used, mainly for the same reason. When it comes down to deciding which appeal would be most preferred and attractive to the person, the decision would be a difficult one as both are different kinds of adverts and are appealing in many different ways. My preference would be tsunami earthquake appeal due to the sheer size of the tragedy.

This tragedy has affected so many people and the advert mainly underlines this problem. I’m not saying that the Russian Hostage appeal is not as huge as this one, but the amount of help that is beyond recognition. Where the advert says ‘Hundreds of thousands of people across over a dozen a dozen countries have been affected’ shows evidence to back up the need for donations. The overall attraction of the advert does not need to use images as everyone around knows about the disaster and therefore the advert is emotional and straight to the point.